The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

Afternoon all!

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A warm fluffy welcome to a new Book Tag! Today I am participating in The Summer Bucket List Book Tag! So excited!

I was looking around for new tags to do when I came across this one on The Book Dutchesses blog while bloghopping! I just had to participate in it! Fun questions and the perfect season for it!

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Summer Bucket List Challenge Tag, Blue, Words, Waves
Phew, I got SO MANY books set by the water! Can I pick more than one? Yes? OK!
Sarah Dessen, Blue Cover, Boat in the Lake, Two Shores, The Rest of the Story, Young AdultThe Girl from the Sea, Molly Ostertag, Sea, Girls, Young Adult, Graphic NovelAthena, Purple-hair, Girl, Venice, Neo-Venezia, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Manga, Friendship, Mars, Undines, Aria The Masterpiece, AriaSummer Bucket List Challenge Tag, Blue, Words, Waves
Win Lose Kill Die by Cynthia Murphy, Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult, Boarding School, Checklist
Definitely this one! Well, not sure if it was starstruck or just horrorstruck because we kept finding out new secrets and while I did see the ending come a bit, I was still struck by WHAT THE FUCK when it ended. Haha, it was an amazing book.
Summer Bucket List Challenge Tag, Blue, Words, Waves
Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick, Horror, Scary, Detention, Building, Forest, Orange, Blue, Children's Book, School, Mystery
I actually read a few more books that I couldn’t put down, but I decided to go for this book because it was really WOW WOW WOW and you just have to keep reading because OMG will the spiders get the kids or not?
Summer Bucket List Challenge Tag, Blue, Words, Waves
Lily Morton, The Sceptic, Arcana, Black & Blue, Romance, LGBT, Black, Stars, Ghosts, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sex, LGBT, Cute, Awesome, Humour, Dual POVDe kroon en de droom (Royal Horses #2) by Jana Hoch, Paarden, Horses, Drama, Royalty, Cute, Romance, Young AdultBig Wild Love Adventure, Romance, Sexy, Reality Show, Man, Woman, Water
Oh man, this one was easy! So many sweet romances! Here are three books that I read the past few months. One is a sexy romance book with some ghosts. One is a sequel, a Dutch book, about a girl, a prince, and horses. Tons of cuteness but also some drama. And the next is a book about a reality show with plenty of cute guys but also tons of romance and shipping.
Summer Bucket List Challenge Tag, Blue, Words, Waves
Phew, that is a hard one. I just cannot think of a book at this moment.
Summer Bucket List Challenge Tag, Blue, Words, Waves
Happytown Must Be Destroyed by James Harris, Jennifer Naalchigar, Humour, Children's BOok, Weird Things, Brain Control, Saving the World,
I will just go for this one literally and not like a figurative (in your head) obstacle. In this book our MC, Leeza, and her friends have to defeat a big obstacle. Aliens from outer space and the baddie that is on earth! This book was just one big delight with tons of snot, music, friendship, and weird stuff. I laughed my ass off while reading.
Summer Bucket List Challenge Tag, Blue, Words, Waves
Where There's a Whisk, Sarah J. Schmitt, Reality Show, Cooking, Romance, Love Triangle, Food, Cooking, Young Adult
This book! Though it was hard to pick because I LOVE LOVE books featuring food! This book features a contest but we also see the characters make some food in between and I just love love it. There were several things I would love to try out.
Summer Bucket List Challenge Tag, Blue, Words, Waves
De bakatlas Rutger bakt de lekkerste recepten van over de hele wereld by Rutger van den Broek, Baking, Yummy, Food, Countries
I don’t really have books like that, neither life-changing books. Am I reading wrong? Everyone always has an answer for these questions. I guess I will just go for inspiring as in OH, I need to get baking. If that counts? Then I will go for this Dutch book filled with delicious recipes, I have a handful that I keep making.

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