Waiting on Wednesday ~ Timberdark by Darren Charlton

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Timberdark by Darren Charlton

Good morning!

A zombie-tastic welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great week! Today I am eagerly waiting for Timberdark, the sequel to Wranglestone!

OMG, I have been waiting for TWO years for this book to come out. And now I just need to wait a few more weeks before I can buy it on Amazon and read it. OK, well, I have to wait just a bit longer because this one is definitely going on the Spooktober stack. Haha. But I cannot wait! I want to see how my boys are doing and if they manage to get to a safe place. I am thinking of re-reading book 1 first because I do notice that while reading the blurb for this book that some things just don’t click for me anymore. Oh well, another book to read in the spooky month~

I am also absolutely in love with the gorgeous cover!

Timberdark (Wranglestone #2) by Darren Charlton, Zombies, LGBT, Romance, Purple, Road, HOrse, Mountains, Boys, Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, Young AdultWith the tide turned against the Dead, Peter and the remaining community on Wranglestone prepare to leave for town, where the comforts of the world before await them. Could this be the home that finally brings both safety and unity for all?

Cooper isn’t so sure. He harbours feelings from that terrible night on the lake and worse, a secret… codename, Timberdark.

With Cooper’s new found connection to the Dead, Peter’s suspicions about what he might do next grow. Faced with losing the boy he loves, Peter must uncover the truth about the mysterious Timberdark before their future together and the world around them is placed in danger.

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