Waiting on Wednesday ~ X-Change Students 101 by Preeti Chhibber, James Lancett

Waiting on Wednesday ~ X-Change Students 101 by Preeti Chhibber, James Lancett

Evening all!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great week, I am mostly eagerly looking forward to Saturday when my vacation starts! I need a vacation. So badly.

Today I am eagerly waiting for the 3rd Marvel Avengers Assembly book: X-Change Students 101! I discovered the series last year and I am so eager to get the newest book. I just love that the MCs are Miles (spiderman), Kamala (Ms Marvel), and Doreen (Squirrel Girl). They are such fun characters to follow and I love seeing them discover their powers, have fun with it, learn about superheroes and villains, fight baddies. And this book.. they are going to meet the X-men. HYPE! I cannot wait to read about Wolverine (who is on the cover looking quite disgruntled, but then again when is he not disgruntled?) and all the others in the style of Preeti Chhibber and see them in the illustration-style of James Lancett. does a happy dance

Now it is just waiting until September 6th and I can get it! Or well hope… that Amazon has it. crosses fingers

X-Change Students 101 (Marvel Avengers Assembly #3) by Preeti Chhibber (Goodreads Author), James Lancett, Wolverine, Spiderman, Miss Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Humour, Children's BooksThe Avengers Assembly team takes a trip upstate to Charles Xavier’s Academy in their newest adventure!

After training with the Avengers, Kamala, Doreen, and Miles are ready to branch out and expand their horizons. This semester, that means a trip north to study alongside the X-Men! From Professor X and Wolverine to Cyclops and Jean Grey, the most recognizable mutants are all here in this fun-filled newest volume.

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