What Did Read During My Vacation 2022?

What Did Read During My Vacation 2022?

Afternoon all~

Hey all, I am back again! dances

My vacation was Fabulous again! Camping was tons of fun! We also had pretty good weather.. though frankly I wouldn’t have minded if it was cooler because HO BOY it was hot outside and I was just melting all around. XD Since the lake was out most of the vacation (there was algae in there that could cause problems) we visited the nearby indoor/outdoor pool a few times to cool off! And we had a very active vacation! Lots of bicycling! A dash of walking! It was a lot of fun and we also visited some fun places, including one we saw a few years ago but wanted to visit again, with cute seals (Pieterburen). My hubby and I went on some dates/dinner dates so that was fabulous as well! Oh and of course. I read a TON. So much!

Just like each year we take along a box of books. Most of them are mine but a couple are also for my hubby. I always tend to buy him new books, this year I had 5 books, a few new ones and a few he was very much looking forward to (though he didn’t know it as I keep the books wrapped and hidden). I always like having plenty of choices for myself as I am a mood reader and what I like can change in just a dash! In the end I did manage to read quite a bit of the books in the box, though I set aside a few so I would have some more books for the upcoming Spooktober!

And of course, I also visited libraries. Some new ones, the last ones we didn’t visit the previous years and that are within distance to bicycle to, and of course old favourites. I had so much fun popping by the libraries and picking up books. They still have the 25 limit, so that is good! I was mostly excited because they had the novellas of several historical fiction writers that I fell in love with this year.

Stats: This year I read 98 books! 39 were my own (from the box, e-reader, or ones I bought during my vacation), 59 were from the libraries around me. I was on vacation for 22 days. Which means I read around 4.5 books on average a day! WHOO! I read a total of 15082 pages which means 154 pages on average per book. My longest book was 412 pages and my shortest was a 16 pages (a picture book).

Check out my Vacation 2022 shelf on Goodreads to see all the books I read!

NOTE: Coloured star means read and uncoloured star means tried but didn’t finish. If it has nothing it means I didn’t get to reading them.
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