What I Hope To Read September 2022

What I Hope To Read September 2022

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Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read post! This time full of fun (and scary) September 2022 releases that I am DYING to read!

August was AMAZING! Vacation. So much vacation!

As for what I read from August? Nothing, but that mostly has to do that the books I wanted this month are still either releasing or only just released. And I am also still on vacation so those new books that are out? Have to wait until I am home and can order them from Amazon. XD

For September I got a whole bunch of scary and fun books! I am especially looking forward to three books: Mina and the Slayers (aka book 2 of Mina and the Undead), Timberdark (aka book 2 of Wranglestone), and The Ministry of Unladylike Activity (a new book in the universe of Murder Most Unladylike). Squee! So excited that these books are coming out! But, I also got some other books that I look forward to, things are getting spooky. Or well, if I read them because with October so closer by? I mean just wait until then! Haha.

Still no pre-orders, one day I hope that I can do that again.

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2 thoughts on “What I Hope To Read September 2022

    1. Haha, yeah, it is pretty terrifying! Hope we both enjoy the book when it comes out! And hope we don’t get too terrified. 😂🙈

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