What I Hope To Read Vacation 2022

What I Hope To Read Vacation 2022

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a shiny new Vacation Reads post! It is that time of the year again! Tomorrow I will be going camping again and of course I need plenty of books to read!

This year is even less restrictions than last year, however, just like I have been doing for a while, I am taking all precautions. If it is too busy it is a nope. I will always wear my mask inside and if it is busy also outside. Things are still NOT too safe. But I am looking forward to doing some fun things. I found 2 corn mazes in the surrounding area that looked fun, I have my eyes on a murder mystery, there are museums and a zoo that are calling me, I want to go to the amusement park that is a bit out of the way but we haven’t visited it in YEARS. Plus, of course, lots of sleeping, reading, and relaxing. I got a picnic blanket this year, it is very comfy and nice and big. MY ADHD and chairs are just not working out so I thought this year, this year I will give my ADHD some playing room. XD

I am SO excited to finally get to read these books. LORD, it hasn’t been easy again. Each year. You would think you get used to it, but no. Each year I just want to read, read, and read. Haha.

I look forward to also visiting the nearby library, and maybe also cycle around to visit some of the others in the vicinity. Plus, of course, I do want to visit the big city library at least once! I love that library so much (though the escalators are not so fun (there is no ground under them and it gets quite high)). I hope I find many new books at these libraries to add to my reading TBR.

This year I decided to just go for one stack! Haha, thought it would be a nice change from me normally splitting it up. Below the picture of my physical haul I will also post covers of books I hope to read on my Kindle!

NOTE Just like last year, no book list! I am really sorry everyone. I am just DEAD. TIRED. I just want to keep sleeping. Been up and running all day. So much to do before I can have my vacation. But at least I can share all the amazing books that will be read during my vacation!

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