Blog Tour ~ The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox by Audrey Shaerrer ~ Review

Blog Tour ~ The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox by Audrey Shaerrer ~ Review

Good morning all!

A yummy welcome to the Blog Tour for The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox by Audrey Shaerrer! I am so happy I can be part of this tour, I just love cooking/baking and I love reading cookbooks so this one was perfect!

For today’s post I got a 4 starred review + author/book information~

Let’s get started!


I received this book from Kaleidoscope/Clink Street Publishing in exchange of an honest review.

Everyone who knows me at this point knows that I absolutely love baking and cooking! So when I got the invite I knew I had to sign up. I don’t have kids myself, but I am always looking for yummy (and healthy in case of cooking) meals. Especially for lunch.

The first part (before the recipes) wasn’t very interesting to me, at least for most. Sorry, here for the recipes. XD There were bits and parts that were interesting, like history on the lunchboxes/bento or on how to prepare things. I knew most of the preparation stuff, but the pomegranate was new so I am going to be trying that if I am able to find pomegranates! But there were also parts about nutrition or get the freshest produce that just weren’t my thing. It is great if you have that option to get stuff from the farm or close to the source, but that is just not something I can do, so supermarkets it is going to be. Or if the small market in my town is get things from there.

And then the recipes starts! This whole book is about autumnal foods! And I love that because it is that season, or well almost! I was looking forward to getting some yummy foods perfect for the season. The recipes were fun to read and I love how easy and simple they were. The instructions are clear. Each part of the food gets a small part of text to explain how to make it/prepare it/assemble it. Sometimes I may just have wanted some more photographs to accompany the instructions. As I said, they were clear and easy, but sometimes I just would have liked to see a bit more of the progress in visual. I am a very visual girl. I am glad that in some recipes there were some visual instructions! The recipes were all very yummy and I love how we get both sweet and salty in equal measures but still for most very healthy.

My top foods to try (with some adjustments due to many allergies/food intolerances): Mexican Fiesta/Tortillas with Avocado Dip (no crab for me). Oat biscuits (but with cow milk because I cannot drink 99% of the plant-based milk and I have not seen vanilla-flavoured rice milk (the one I can drink)). The Tuscan Frollini biscuits (so delicious). Flapjacks (cannot eat a lot of these, but I am happy because I thought it would be very nutty but it is just oats). Mild Chicken curry (always looking for more yummy curry recipes). Chili Con Carne Muffins (on days that my tummy is OK with beans because DANG those look so good and delicious and I was almost licking my computer).

The book ends with a chapter on food according to local traditions and we travel to various countries to discover some fun things about the country + culinary delights. This part was fun to read!

All in all, this is one very fun book and as you saw, I got some recipes I would love to try for my lunch (or other times of the day). The recipes are easy to follow, there are fun photographs for each of the recipes (with yummy food). I would recommend it!

Star rating, 4 stars


The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox by Audrey Schaerrer, Cooking, Food, Children, Non-Fiction, Yummy, LunchMaking time to prepare a full meal and a healthy lunchbox might seem impossible between work, traffic, school, and after-school activities.

It’s important to make time for family cooking because there are plenty of benefits for the family. Family is a team and reinforcing that bond will only make your family a stronger unit.

This book consists of healthy recipes that are not only delicious but fun to prepare. It is written with the intention to encourage families to gather in the kitchen, cooking and connecting over food.

The idea behind the curious food provenance facts is to create culinary interest in the younger generation. Knowledge about the food they are eating will make them aware about the environment and land that provides us with such healthy produce.

There are plenty of benefits to cooking together as a family. Nutrition is something that many schools don’t teach. Cooking with your kids helps teach them how to eat healthy and make informed choices about the food they consume.

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About the author:

Audrey Schaerrer, Author, PhotographAudrey Schaerrer attended the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in Indianapolis, United States of America, and qualified in Fitness Management, Nutritional Therapy and Science of Exercise. She has been practicing as a nutritional therapist and food specialist in Europe for over twenty years.

Audrey is mother to an 11-year-old girl, and she considers motherhood as an exciting living experience. She has always affirmed and demonstrated that raising children constitutes a passion which no mother should set aside, and that strongly positive values should be imbued in one’s own children for them to grow up as true and genuine leaders of tomorrow’s world. This publication highlights the importance of children’s attendance in the kitchen where they may watch and partake in the preparation of their family’s eating patterns.

Audrey’s mission is (i) to help busy parents and individuals lead a healthier lifestyle with fuss-free, varied, delicious meal plans and products, (ii) to introduce delicious foods that enhance physical and mental health, as well as general wellbeing, and (iii) to help clients look after their health naturally, lowering cholesterol, controlling blood pressure, and properly tackling functional gastrointestinal disorders by means of a naturally healthier lifestyle. Audrey’s view is that, like medicine, food can help avoid many illnesses in adults and children including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, cancer and heart-related illnesses.

Her core belief in raising children through example has driven her to create a platform which is accessible to all persons wishing a healthier lifestyle and to allow healthy nutrition to become a target at everybody’s reach.

Find her here:  

The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox by Audrey Schaerrer, Cooking, Food, Children, Non-Fiction, Yummy, Lunch

The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox by Audrey Schaerrer, Cooking, Food, Children, Non-Fiction, Yummy, Lunch

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