Book Haul August 2022

Book Haul August 2022

Hi hi~

Welcome to a new Book Haul! This time I am showing you my books from August!

Well, the previous months were CRAMMED with books, mostly because I wanted to have plenty of books for my vacation. This month however I didn’t get a whole lot and with the exception of one they are all Dutch books. And also mostly comics. XD There was just a ton of comics releasing this month and I had fun getting them all. Plus, I was super lucky and found a graphic novel in English at one of the bookstores in the big city near my campsite (and even for a decent price!).

With the exception of two books I have read all the books! Though one of the two is a book that came with the exposition that was in the big library in the big city. I am not sure if I will read it now because it just mostly focusses on things already said/shown in the expo. And the other book is the graphic novel, I wanted to keep that one until I was home!

Oh, and I also bought a couple of ebooks on Google Play, they had a couple of 1 euro or free manga/comics and I had some Google Play credit to burn. XD

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Books August, Haul, reading, comicsBook List, Emoji, Cute
City of Dragons by Jaimal Yogis, Vivian Truong
Donald Duck 70 Years Expo by Stripmuseum Groningen
Club Donald Duck Pocket #9 by Walt Disney
Het Phillippe en Giovanni Vakantieboek by Laura Janssen
Het dierenvriendenboek by Marieke ten Berge, Jesse Goossens
Lotta #4 by Marloes de Vries
Dinopark #2 by Arnaud Plumeri
De buurtpolitie #16 by Nix
De buurtpolitie #17 by Nix

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