Friday’s Page 69 ~ Fresh Start by Rhys Everly

Friday’s Page 69 ~ Fresh Start by Rhys Everly

Fresh Start (Cedarwood Beach #1) by Rhys Everly, Romance, LGBT, Small Town, Friendship, Family, Dual POV, Man, Torso, Palm Trees, Uncle
“So you’re in love with a boy,” Summer said and let the last word draw out as if she had a secret and teasing me with it.
“No!” I answered straight away. “No boys. Whatsoever. It’s been a long time since I had the time for love.”
“Who doesn’t have time for love?” Summer giggles.
I wished that were true. But it wasn’t just about time, was it? It was about finding the person who was willing to give their everything for you. And you for them. Something that had never happened to me.

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