Library Haul ~ 24-9-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 24-9-2022 (Library #2+#3)

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Welcome welcome welcome all!! Welcome to a GIGANTIC Library #2 and #3 haul! Whoo!

So yesterday it was high time to go to the libraries again. Haha, well, for part I wanted to go, but for part I didn’t want to go. Because there was an event at our local police/fire department with all sorts of cool things and last year was really fun. But oh well, books had to go back, at least Library #3’s. XD

First off to Library #3 and orienting back on where the heck everything was this time. Because now floor 3 was closed. XD So I had to find out where all the books were for that floor + also find out where the graphic novels went this time. Last time I visited they were on floor 4, but apparently (according to a grumpy librarian) it was now on 2… so I could go all the way back down. I had lots of fun searching for books and I am very happy with what I found. I got some new graphic novels and a comic. I can try Pumpkin and see if it is better than her previous book. And I am so hyped about the chocolate book, so many yummy 🤤 recipes (both new and ones I already know).

Then off to Library #2, this time my hubby came along as it was raining and he wasn’t eager to stand some more (the benches were all in the open). I had 23 reservations waiting + a few that I had reserved but the library hadn’t found yet. And I had 8-ish books still at home. So that meant I still had plenty of playing room to find some more books. I am excited to say that I found almost all the reservations. Just one I didn’t find. Plus, I found some great books while walking around, including apparently volumes 3 and 4 of Chainsawman of which I reserved volume 1 because I didn’t know that there were more volumes (and according to the catalogue.. there is only volume 1😆). I am very excited about today’s haul. So happy they are FINALLY adding more manga, but I do hope that they are going to add all the volumes and not just random ones. Because manga doesn’t work like most western graphic novels/comics. You cannot just start with volume 6 of Boruto. Or with volume 15 of Attack on Titan. I did send in a request a few months ago… but given how they never seem to do anything with requests (which is why I stopped requesting books) I am worried about it. Oh well. And I am very excited about Solitaire. Then again, so far I have been excited about all of Oseman’s written novels and so far DNF-ed them all. I love Heartstopper, but the normal novels just aren’t working. But I am hoping this one might! Crossing fingers! Plus, I cannot wait to dive into some cabins with Cabin Fever, I flipped through it and it looks gorgeous. Also added some dog books because SOON I can go searching again and want to add some more knowledge and cute puppers to my brain.

As you can read and soon will see, lots of books. I am so happy and I cannot wait to read them. OK, well, I definitely couldn’t wait. I already read 3 books (one comic, one doggo book, and the book about Venice/Venetië). 🙈

STATS: 47 books, 12 Library #3 and 37 at Library #2. 13 comics/graphic novels. 14 non-fiction. 4 picture books. 16 fiction.

NOTE: First picture is Library #3 and the rest is Library #2.

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De zolderkampioen by Maarten Kuipers
The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave
Visjes by Joost Oomen
Poepen in het park by Paulette Kreté
Pumpkin by Julie Murphy
Kids in en met de natuur by Elke Vanhouche
Chocolade by Keda Black
De kunst van het nietsdoen by Guy Delisle
Vel by Mieke Versyp, Sabien Clement
Schatjes #4 by Arthur de Pins, Maïa Mazaurette
Muertos by Pierre Place
Paradijsvogels in cultuur en natuur by Alexander Reeuwijk

Boy Queen by George Lester
The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh by Helen Rutter
Solitaire by Alice Oseman
Blijf bij me by Ayobami Adebayo
De moordclub op donderdag by Richard Osman
Papieren paradijs by Marlies Medema
Overleef de nacht by Riley Sager
Eileens bloementuin by Greetje van den Berg

Chainsaw Man #1 by Tatsuki Fujimoto
Chainsaw Man #3 by Tatsuki Fujimoto
Chainsaw Man #4 by Tatsuki Fujimoto
Suske & Wiske: De gouden bloem by Willy Vandersteen
Suske & Wiske: Spruiten voor Sprotje by Willy Vandersteen
Suske & Wiske: Het monster van Loch Ness by Willy Vandersteen
Celestine #10 by Stefano Turconi
Lulu en Nelson #1 by Aurelie Neyret
Dans met mij #3 by Fez
Vuur by Arend van Dam
Koloniekind by Mariët Meester
Wat heet! by Sylvia Witteman
Oma’s soep by Irene Fritschy
Leer de hondentaal by Sarah Whitehead
Honden groot en klein by Ballon Kids
Venetië by Lucie Tournebize
Cabin Fever by Gestalten
Freeks Wilde Avonturen: Rovers in de rimboe by Freek Vonk

Mees en Tijn: Een spannende nacht by ina van der Beck
Tricerapoep on der loep by Geronimo Stilton
Spinjitzu Brothers #3 by Tracey West
Drakenstorm #1: De drakenleerling by Alastair Chrisholm
Wolvenweer by Simon van der Geest, Karst-Janneke Rogaar
Knuffel me by Imagebooks Factory
Vos gaat een stukje rijden by Susanne Strasser
Wie heeft de honing? by Louise Greig, Laura Hughes
Wat als? 2 by Ine De Volder, Michaël Olbrechts
Weirdo by Zadie Smith, Nick Laird

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