Library Haul ~ 3-9-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 3-9-2022 (Library #2+#3)


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Welcome all, welcome to an EPIC AWESOME FANTASTIC book haul! I visited Library #2 and #3 yesterday and had a blast!

I was so excited that I could go to the libraries again. Yes, my hip is killing me still if I walk too much (or do too much). But the books had to go back (some couldn’t be extended), plus I really needed new books. Aspirin in my body and go.

First up Library #3. Since the whole bringing back books still isn’t done by a machine and I had that bad experience, I made a picture of my books. Got me some weird looks, but haha, I will take it. XD Then bringing them back and figuring out how the hell the library worked this time. They are still renovating the building (which will probably last until late this year or early next year) and things were all over again. The children/YA section was still where it was supposed to be, though even there changes had been made which meant very little new books. But the fiction books on that floor were all gone, instead there were non-fiction books everywhere. Apparently fiction is now on the 4th floor. Confusing. Yes. Did I mind? Not that much. Haha, I love an adventure. Plus, it meant seeing parts of the library that were done and BOY I love the new look. Wood instead of steel/metal shelves. More light. More openness. I had tons of fun exploring and grabbing all the books that looked fun (which were plenty). This was a good visit!

Next up Library #2 which was a bit of a puzzle. Since my hip is not doing well that meant taking the elevator. But that one is in one corner of the building.. which still meant plenty of walking. At least I didn’t have to drag my trolley/bags up all the time, so that is nice. I had 35 reservations waiting for me and that meant I could find another 15 potential fun books. In the end I found 12. Including 2 that I had reserved but according to the system.. weren’t there. Well, one was on the right category just displayed on top as it was new. And the other one was in the wrong age group. XD Oh, and I had another book that was apparently around now, but I guess it is missing. Two librarians searched high and low for me.. but no dice. Nowhere to be found. It is a book I have been hoping to read for months now but it is constantly loaned out. Here I thought that I could get it. But I had fun walking around even if it wasn’t the handiest thing to do.

All in all, I got SO much to read! I cannot wait to dig into these books and get reading. I am really thankful that for Library #2 I got 6 weeks now instead of 4. That means more time to get through some of the bigger ones.

STATS: 59 books. 47 at Library #2 and 12 at Library #3. 19 non-fiction, 3 comics, 37 fiction. 

NOTE: First picture is Library #3 and the rest is Library #2.

NOTE: Not doing a list this time, I am sorry, my hip hurts a lot and I am also too tired to type a list next to finding them all on Goodreads/other places.

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