Library Haul ~ 31-8-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 31-8-2022 (Library #1)


A big HI to everyone and welcome to a shiny new Library #1 Haul! OMG! So happy I could visit this library again!

I was in a big need for some new books (still have 4 books + a few on Kindle but I am just not in the mood for Kindle now) and I really wanted to visit Library #1 again. Didn’t want to wait another week. Thankfully, so thankfully, yesterday was a calm day and the weather was also fabulous. Not too hot, though a bit windy (though it wasn’t until I was bicycling that I realised that wearing a dress wasn’t so handy 🙈).

I had tons and tons of fun walking through the library and I just kept adding books to the stack in my arms. Or well, for half of the stack I had them in my arms, after that I just dropped them in my bag and hoisted that on my shoulders. 😂 I found so many fun books ranging from non-fiction, including some really fun outdoors for kids books (which always have the best walking routes for my ADHD) to comics (I always love it when artists have different styles depending on a project) to some FANTASTIC young adult (helllllllooo You Have a Match). It was as if the library had stocked up especially for me while I was away. I even had to, maybe a tad dramatically as we bookworms sometimes are, say goodbye to some other books which I hope to get the next time.

I am still not sure which book I will read first, maybe the Rebel Adele which reminded me of a girl Dennis the Menace. Though I am also curious about that book without a title on the side, it is a romcom about dating and blogging and sounds right what I want to read now.

OH, and look forward to my Library #2/#3 haul on Sunday, I am planning on visiting both libraries on Saturday! More books! So many more books! cheers

STATS 14 books. 3 comics, 4 non-fiction, 7 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Het mysterie van de magische stenen by Thea Stilton
Het geheim van Holland by Adreinne Quarles van Ufford
Lekker buiten by Koen Kohlbacher, Floortje Vantomme
Hoe je niet moet daten by Angelique Lucas
You Have a Match by Emma Lord
De spannendste wandelroutes met kinderen by Bob & Ellen Luijks
Rebel Adele #2 by Mr. Tan, Miss Prickly
Mystery of the Night Watchers by A.M. Howell
De sterren by Jacques Goldstyn
Het eigenwijze huisdierenboek by Marc ter Horst
Kolonisatie #4 by Denis-Pierre Filippi, Vincenzo Cucca
Een eed van staal by Gwenaël, Elisa Ferrari
Allemaal mee by Hanny Ebbers, Esther Van Casteren

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