Review for A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food

Review for A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food

A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food by Michelle Li, Children's Book, Non-Fiction, Cooking, Korea, Korean Food, Yum, Yellow,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This one just looked too fun to pass, plus, I always love books about food either with recipes or just about the food and I always wanted to learn more about Korean food.

This was just so interesting we learn about everything from Kimchi to Japchae. I learned many new food things and I am now also very hungry. Yes, I just had lunch, but apparently my stomach is like, wait that food looks better. XD Give me this! I had so much fun flipping the pages (or well, scrolling with my mouse to get to the next page) and see what is next. Each food item gets two pages. Text scattered around it. Telling us various fun bits about that food. From how Bulogi is sometimes used in burgers and tacos. Or how Sundubu Jigae becomes spicy and red things to a spice named gochugaru. I think of all the food the Bingsu is my fav. It just sounds SO GOOD. Followed by Hotteok (though please without the nuts).

I loved that we also got the Korean pronunciation along with Korean text for each new recipe/food item/food-related thing. And even got a few Korean words that way. I would maybe have liked a bit more Korean words as in how is this word written in Korean. What is the pronunciation? Just for random words. Let me know what egg is for example. Or what veggies are called. That would just give it a bit extra flavour.

I liked the recipe at the end for Mandu. I will have to edit some foods (as I cannot eat everything) but I would like to try it. Well, if I can find a steamer. XD

While I did like the art, especially the food was splendidly done, I wasn’t too fan of the way the humans looked, especially the faces. Were those meant to be shadows? Now it just looks like they either are wearing masks or if something went wrong.

All in all though, this book? I would highly recommend it. It was so playful and fun and I learned a lot about Korean Food. And I am so hungry right now. Yum!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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