Review for A Year in Fleurville

Review for A Year in Fleurville

A Year in Fleurville by Felicita Sala, Cooking, Recipes, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Trees, Seasons, Picture Book, Children's Book,We are back in Fleurville! This time we are visiting various people there throughout a year. Recipes, food, and more!

Two years ago (where did the time go) I read the first book: What’s Cooking at 10 Garden Street. I was so excited to this year see the next book in the series: A Year in Fleurville! I just had to pick it up! I knew that the recipes would be hit/miss for me given my allergies, but still I wanted to read it because the previous book was just so calming and fun.

In this book we don’t follow one street, like the previous book, instead we go around the whole town and discover all sorts of new people and what they are planting eating. And even more fun, we do that over a year. Each month we visit a new scene. From little kids eating (or playing with) cherries and a fun recipes for clafoutis with cherries to an old couple cleaning up citrons/lemons and making a dish with beans and lemon juice. I just loved going through the next month, I was very curious to see what would be next! I love that these people grow their own food. I cannot wait until September hits so I can make all the apple dishes as my apple tree is finally ready! I would love to add more things to my garden, but with how I am in regards to bugs.. maybe not the best idea. XD

The recipes were fun, though there were plenty I couldn’t eat one way or another. But I did find at least two recipes I want to try out. The one with the oranges and the one with cherries.

I also love the intro and outro of the book! And then there are bonus things at the end. On how to work in a yard with veggies/fruits and then a couple of pages with tools, seeds, and fruits/veggies.

The illustrations were wonderful again! Really, the style is so soft and comfy. It is like a warm blanket.

All in all, thank you to the people of Fleurville for allowing me to look into your lives for a year! I cannot wait to see what is next for this town. For that one street. I hope that there will be many more books. I would recommend this one + also the previous one.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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