Review for Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale

Review for Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale

Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale by Judith L. Roth, Jaclyn Sinquett, Mermaid, Fantasy, Picture Book, Cute, Children's Book, Cats, Pets, SweetI received this book from the author/publisher/Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review.

I was definitely excited when I got the request if I would like to review this book. Just look at that cover! Look at that description! Cats? Mermaids? Gorgeous art? Um, excuse me! Sign me up!

In this adorable book we meet a cute mermaid named Cadence. She has a pretty fun day filled with things, but as you can imagine even with a day full of things sometimes one just misses things. In Cadence case that is a cat. For me it would be a dog (sadly, I am allergic to cats) I already have two cute hamsters, but I would love a dog to complete the family. I loved how dedicated Cadence was to get a cat… but how do you get a cat when you live underwater? Cats generally are not that big on water. But she did try and I loved that! But then came the next part, how to play with the cute cat when you are a mermaid and that is a land creature? I won’t spoil it but I did really enjoy the things she tried. Yes, at times I felt a bit for that poor cat, haha, it just wanted to play and hug, not try out a floatie. I was happy when she made that decision in the end. Yes, it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t fun.

Then came the last few pages of the book and I was just giggling and laughing. That was adorable! Now I kind of want to be a mermaid to have that kind of pet!

I loved that, throughout the book, you can meet a certain cute adorable character which will play a big role later on. It was so much fun that the illustrator added that to the mix. It will be fun to see if the kids noticed it. And then go back and see if they can spot the cutie.

I am sorry, ding-dong-dashing with fishermen? OH MY GOSH. YAS! I loved that and it made me giggle. I am glad we humans aren’t the only one doing ding-dong-dash (though I will not say if I ever did that, shhh).

The art was just so beautiful and I love the style. It was cute and fun. I loved how detailed it was. Be sure to also check out the beginning and ending endpapers. Sketches with our cute animals!

All in all, I enjoyed this book A LOT and I wouldn’t mind more books about Cadence. Maybe some books about her family or maybe some books full of adventures and the cute pet she has now. I would recommend this book to all. Kids and adults will love this adorable and gorgeously drawn book with pretty colours.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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