Review for Charles Darwin

Review for Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin (Little People, Big Dreams) by Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara (Goodreads Author), Mark Hoffmann, Non-fiction, Charles Darwin, Memoir, Picture Book, Children's BookA really fun book about Charles Darwin! What he did and how he got to the point of evolution theory.

I just LOVE LOVE these Little People Big Dreams books and I am also happy that they are being translated to Dutch. Because now I can read even more of them. I still got several to go at the library that I want to read so eep!

In this book we learn all about Charles Darwin! I already knew several things, but I still learned a few new facts, like that he cannot stand blood. Which didn’t help the career path his dad has for him. Aka become a doctor. Well dad, that one is definitely out! I loved seeing Charles grow up and figure out what makes him happy. What he wants to study. I love that he got all the chances to study and I had fun seeing him study hard. Figure things out. And then comes the travels. The many travels that he did and the discoveries he made. And he made some fantastic ones. It was all very interesting and the author once again did a great job. Their writing style just keeps your attention. It makes you want to read on.

And the illustrations also definitely help! The illustrations were gorgeous once again. I just love how every book (or at least the ones I read) each have their own illustrator. It is fun to see which one participated in a book, I should check out the series unread books to see if there are any illustrators that I know.

All in all, a great book if you want to know more about Charles Darwin. For kids and adults a fun and interesting read. I would recommend it!

Star rating, 4 stars

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