Review for Cryptid Club

Review for Cryptid Club

Cryptid Club by Sarah Andersen , Comics, Cryptids, FunnyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Meet the Cryptic Club! Bigfoot, Ghosts, Extra-terrestrials, Kraken, Siren, Mothman, and many other cryptids make up the comics in this book! I was so hyped that Sarah Andersen was bundling these comics from Twitter/online to a physical format! It was high on the list of books to read in September but then in July I got the chance to read the book from Netgalley! Imagine how hyped I was to get to read it early! Eep!

I have been following this comic from some time, though with how Twitter worked I didn’t always get to see the comics. So this book was a combination of new and old comics. Did I mind re-reading the comics I already read? No, not at all! In fact, some just got better because now you got some extra context and it just made me laugh or cheer for characters.

I loved that we didn’t just get cryptids that are well known (I mean, Bigfoot, Nessie or Mothman are pretty well known), but also some that I didn’t know directly. Like Siren Head, or Fresno Nightcrawlers, or Flatwoods Monster. I loved reading about all the cryptids and loved how some of the stories overlapped or had a continuation later on. I loved seeing the cryptids become friends. Well, most of them become friends, the extra-terrestrials don’t often connect with the other cryptids. Instead we read about their cow-loving overlord, about how their planet is now called Uranus (and I laughed at the reaction of the aliens to that). I had fun seeing what the cryptids got up to. From parties to flirting to having conversations about feelings and anxiety to Bigfoot trying to get over being photographed and trying to get that one perfect picture to jackalope not knowing who his true parentage is to Slenderman and his suits. There is plenty of more and there is never a dull moment. Oh no. This book will make you laugh, laugh even harder, and cheer for these wonderful characters. Sarah Andersen made cryptids so so fun and made them more human, more alive.

I was definitely shipping Siren and Siren Head. That was so cute! And we have an established couple, namely the ghosts. Who even get a doggo. I loved seeing these two together they are so cute.

I also loved that at times we saw humans. See them try to photograph Nessie or Bigfoot, see their reaction to cryptids, and more.

The art was Sarah Andersen perfect again! I love her style!

I will definitely be checking out more about the Flatwoods Monster and Siren Head! I need to get more deets on these two cryptids.

All in all, do you need a funny book about cryptids? Do you like cryptids and want to read about them? Be sure to check out this book! And as for me? I cannot wait to see what is next for Sarah Andersen!

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