Review for Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

Review for Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It, Elle Cosimano, Murder, Mystery, Adult, Humour, Woman, Glasses, Sweater, Romance“My Google search history alone was probably enough to put me on a government watch list. I wrote suspense novels about murders like this. I’d searched every possible way to kill someone. With every conceivable kind of weapon.”

First of all, sorry for the slightly messy review, haha. I want to write a big review, but my thoughts are, even after a week+ after reading this one (August, it is now September), all over the places. This was just such a good book!

Meet Finlay Donovan, single mom, struggling through get through life, and oh yes, accidentally seen as an assassin (I wouldn’t blame that woman, for reals, if I heard THAT conversation next to me, I would either like WTF or having big thoughts). Finlay was such a wonderful person, however at times she frustrated me. For several reasons. Thankfully, for most I liked her and I had a laugh at how she eventually decided to just do it. And oh yes, “accidentally” frame her ex’s wife. XD
I absolutely loved how Finlay was writing her books ABOUT what is happening in her real life. Thankfully, she did change some names, but I was just in stitches seeing what she was writing. I guess murder helps with writersblock? Who knew?
I loved that she tried to get out, but that Vero managed to convince her to keep going. It was fab that she was trying to figure things out (and gee who knew that being a crime writer could actually help with that). What was really going on. The mafia stuff. Some stake-outs and some researching. It was so fun, and exciting!

Vero was an interesting character. I am still not all on the fence of liking her. But she was interesting. She just needs to learn to be a bit more chill and not do things without permission. Like how in the beginning she just came in to grab her stuff and took along some stuff of Finlay. Or how when she lives there she does all sorts of things that are sweet, but for me would have pissed me off or stressed me out. Not to mention, still borrowing things that are of someone else. But she was sweet with the kids. She was just so fun with them and really cared for them. And I loved how she was rooting for Finlay to get with that hot bartender (or the policeman).

Yep, there is plenty of romance as well. Or well, mostly some flirting and maybe a kiss here and there. For me it was all about the bartender. I really liked that guy. He was sweet, cute, and didn’t mind that Finlay was older and had two kids. I loved seeing them banter and I loved loved that she could be honest with him about things and that he wasn’t running away. He just listened.
The policeman. I don’t know. I did like him, and I was also cheering when things got more heated, but still… something just wasn’t right for me. Maybe my OH NO FUCK NO Love Triangle alarm that went full blast. XD

I loved seeing how things got more and more together and how we found connections I definitely hadn’t expected. I wanted to kick Finlay’s hubby more than once because he was really a horrible human being. Wants his kids, but throughout the book we see that he barely cares about them. Still is cheating. The cover was fabulous, it fitted well with the book. I liked reading more about Finlay’s family. The ending was WOW, exciting!

All in all, this was a fantastic book and I need more! Hopefully soon I can buy the newest book. Hey, maybe by the time this review comes up I have it! crosses fingers I would recommend this book to all!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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