Review for Influencer Island

Review for Influencer Island

Influencer Island by Kyle Rutkin, Blur, Influencer, Social Media, Murder, Horror, Island, WTF, Conspiracy, Podcast/ScriptI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This book sounded amazingly awesome and I just had to click request. I was so excited that I was selected! And yesterday (12th July) I just couldn’t sleep (too warm/not feeling too well) and so I decided this one would be a nice read while I wait for sleep to come. I have to say there were points that I really loved and things I was definitely not a fan of. In the end I just cannot rate the book higher than two stars. 🙁

I will be doing a good/not good review because otherwise it gets so chaotic.

💕I loved that it was about an island in the middle of nowhere and something gruesome had happened. For me the best horror and thriller take place at an island. You cannot easily escape the place already, but with how Wyatt has his soldiers trained good luck getting anywhere AT ALL.
💕Carrie was an interesting MC. At times a bit cringy, but I did like her drive and loved that she was dedicated to her brother (OK, maybe she was a bit too dedicated). I was proud that she never gave up. Many people when faced with sharks or someone about to murder you would not do what Carrie did.
💕The challenges. They were really fucked up. The sharks. The murder.
💕The cover was really good.
💕The title was nice.
💕Loved how scary at times it got and how craycray Wyatt was and how far he went for his art.
💕While I wasn’t a fan of how people reacted to the stuff happening on Influencer Island… it was pretty realistic. I could see this happen in real life. That is kind of bad, haha.
💕What happened with the models at the start of it all. Poor girls!

🙄Wasn’t a fan of Cal at all. Not at all. I mean, if he was just in the back I wouldn’t have minded it, but with each new part he became a bigger part of the mystery of Wyatt and frankly? I couldn’t give a dip about it.
🙄NFTs. Fuck that.
🙄The whole plotline that seemed straight out of the darkest places of the internet… or the local conspiracy nuts. I mean, at points I just had to re-read or scratch my head and wonder what the fuck was going on and why.
🙄The plotline also confused me greatly. Especially in the beginning when I was like, why are we researching everything under the sun. Just let me go to the island.
🙄Didn’t really care about the mystery of Tuck or Wyatt. OK, Wyatt maybe, but not in this big big format. It mostly took away from the island stuff and that is what I signed up for.
🙄It was supposed to be a podcast… well, it just felt more like someone decided that a script-format would look cool. At times there was the clear feel of a podcast, but at times I just didn’t see it anymore, which is a shame.
🙄The ending. WTF.
🙄How everyone just went with things. Oh, scary island. Let’s go. Oh, there are threats. Let’s go. I mean, a lot of these influencers had the chance to say a big fat NOPE to it all, but instead they went with it.
🙄How the POV just kept changing each paragraph or so. It was so utterly confusing. I mean, one moment I was with Carrie and cheering for her and hoping she wouldn’t die, and the next we are with Cal. I think that maybe it would have also worked if the names were much more different.
🙄How Wyatt just seemed to get away with so many things. I mean there were so many bad things surrounding him and in the mean time it seemed no one cared.
🙄Such unlikeable characters, but I can forgive that for most, fits with the horror theme, haha. Though some people. ARGH.
🙄Given the stuff from the beginning I had definitely expected WAY WAY more death.

🤔There were various errors in the texts. Mostly with names (Gigi or is it Kiki? Kaylyn or is it Kendall?) but also some other things that had me re-reading bits to makes sense of it.

All in all, as I said there were points that were fantastic, it was great horror at times. But the whole conspiracy stuff, the twist at the end, the whole the plot seemed so chaotic, not such fun characters… I was not a fan.

Star rating, 2 stars

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