Review for Kyuuketsuki to Yobaretai!, Vol.1

Review for Kyuuketsuki to Yobaretai!, Vol.1

Kyuuketsuki to Yobaretai!, Pink, Blue, Cute, Girls, Boarding School, Vampires, Fantasy, LGBT, Manga, Pyaa, MysteryA girl transfers to the high school/boarding school of her best friend… but it isn’t your normal boarding school! Vampires!

It was time to look around for some new manga. Or well, I still got plenty of manga as I still got tons from the Isekai Humble Bundle and I also bought the Yaoi bundle when it was out in May. But I wanted something with yuri-vibes and so I was hunting for that when I bumped against this one. The cover looked so pretty!

😍Vampires! I just adore that this is a school full of vampires. And girls only that is! I loved reading about the vampires, because each writer/mangaka makes it different. In this one the vampires can eat/drink normal food, sunlight isn’t a big issue, and some other things.
😍Boarding school. Everyone knows that I LOVE love a good boarding school story and this one just fits me perfectly. It is the fancy kind of boarding school with fancy food, elegant ladies (well for most), big windows and rooms, fancy locations, and more. I just wanted to step in there and stroll around. Though, haha, that may not be a good idea. XD I loved reading and seeing the various things that went on in the school, they even have some fun clubs!
😍The tiny teacher! She was adorable and cute, but also listened when Aoi-chan corrected her. Though there is a surprise later on! Haha. I loved that!
😍Aoi and Yuu! I just love them together, they really got sparks between them!
😍Seeing Aoi adjust to the school, try not to get noticed as human, figure out what is going on with Yuu (and protect her waifu of course). She is such a fun character and I was hoping that she was going to be fine, though I also wouldn’t have minded if she changed to a vampire.
😍Loved seeing various other vampires in the school/friends of Yuu. Like Haru and Anna who really reminded me of two certain characters from Sailor Moon! Not just in looks, but also in how they act. Especially Haru. XD And I hope we meet many more friends as the story continues, I still have some questions on Izayoi!
😍It was great that we got some backstory on Yuu, what is up with her. I mean, I had my suspicions given how that Jeanne girl just acted like Malfoy would do, but I am happy it was finally addressed in the last chapter. I do have some more questions, especially on that human scent stuff, but I hope we get that in the second and last volume.
😍The art was really a favourite of mine! I just love the designs of the characters, but their eyes especially were my favourite. I just love how they were drawn and wish we could have seen more of it in colour.
😍The accessories/energy stuff that vampires have around them. That was such an interesting extra to the vampire myth.

😶Jeanne and her minions as I would call them. She does show she has a better side later on, or at least that was an unexpected thing of her to do, but for most I just don’t trust her. Plus, she is a bit too much like Malfoy. Preferring pure blood over everything and then only the best of the best pure bloods of course. I do hope in the second volume she is not going to be an even bigger enemy given Aoi’s secret….

All in all, as you can see, I had tons of fun reading this one and I am happy I found it! Will be reading volume 2 very soon.

Star rating, 4 stars

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