Review for Leaves

Review for Leaves

Leaves by David Ezra Stein, Bear, Autumn, Fall, Winter, Seasons, Spring, Sleep, Cute, Animals, Picture BookWhat happens when leaves fall? Can you stick them back? Also so so sleepy. A cute book!

Fall has just started and I thought what would be more fun than to read a Fall book! I was looking around to see what was available and stumbled upon this book. About a bear’s very first Fall (but also about winter and spring).

We see the leaves changes and we know that it is time for Fall. Time to prepare for winter. But we see that bear doesn’t understand that yet. It is all new to him. He is having the greatest time at first. Just frolicking around and dancing and being the beariest bear. But then things change. He is wondering why the leaves fell and I just wanted to step in and tell him that it is fine! That this is how it goes. Because we see that he is worried and, I am sorry it was hilarious, see him stick the leaves right back on the trees. I can see kids do the same thing if they don’t get it.

And then the cold settles in and while I think the bear is still confused about why things are happening but for now he is sleepy and tired and fluffy and he needs a good bundle for the warmth. I just loved seeing him pick up all the leaves and just yeet them in a hole for a good winter sleep. I love how he just stopped worrying and started fluffing up for winter.

The next pages we don’t see the bear and I missed him. I knew he was sleeping and I hoped he was dreaming some lovely dreams. Then spring happens and I was just giggling and laughing at how happy he was at being back, but not just that, also see his friends back. It was just the cutest. I do hope that next fall won’t be so worrying for him!

All in all, a fun book about Fall, leaves, hibernation, and a sweet bear who has much to learn. The illustrations were so fun, I love the style and they remind me a bit of Quentin Blake’s art.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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