Review for Llama Destroys the World

Review for Llama Destroys the World

Llama Destroys the World (A Llama Book) by Jonathan Stutzman, Heather Fox, Blue, Llama, Dancing, Cake, Pie, Turtles, Picture Book, Humour, Children's Book, Destroying the worldA laugh-out-loud book featuring llamas, cake, black holes, dance parties, and more!

I just llamas, I just love dancing, and I love seeing everything go very wrong in a hilarious way! So when I found out about this series through Twitter I knew I had to get the first book (and of course I will later get the other books as well because I need more).

In this book we meet Llama, yes, his name is Llama. He likes cake, dancing, and having a good time. We follow him through a week and in that week he well, inadvertently… destroys the world. I hear you ask how can such a cute llama break the world? Well. It has to do with cake and dancing pants. Not a good combo. I had such a big laugh seeing how llama just stayed calm throughout everything that happened in the book. Oh, a black hole. Oh well. Oh, everything is being sucked up. Oh well. He was just so chill.

I definitely hadn’t expected the book to take that road, OK, it is a children’s book, but still I hadn’t expected that. It definitely fitted with how Llama was. Though I can see that Llama didn’t learn a thing from all the events. Should have expected that!

I read this book aloud to my husband because I knew he would also love this book! And he did! He was going oh no! Llama, no! And laughing his butt off at the events unfolding. I think he was pretty sad for the turtles, he loves turtles.

The illustrations are fun, I love how the llama is drawn, but also love all the rest!

All in all, a silly book about a silly llama with a big love for cakes and dancing pants. I am curious what is going to happen in the next books. I am excited! I would highly recommend this book to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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