Review for Loveboat Reunion

Review for Loveboat Reunion

Taipei, Loveboat Reunion, Abigail Hing Wen, Young Adult, Romance, Boy, Girl, Gold,A new Loveboat! New chances for Sophie and Xavier!

I was so excited about this book and yet it took me until July (end of even) before I read this and then I wondered why the heck I had been so afraid to read it. Haha, because this one was GOOD! It was FUN! Sophie really wasn’t that bad and in fact? I was rooting for her!

In this book we get Sophie and Xavier taking the lead! We will follow these through as they manoeuvre through school (Sophie Darthmouth College and Xavier forced to take that last year in high school), through families (the Yeh family is everywhere). We see friends from the previous Loveboat and how they are doing (YAS Ever!), see some people who I don’t want to (Priscilla). And see the two of them figure out their feelings for each other. Because second chances still very much exist and BOY I was ready for it!

I loved getting two POVs. I loved reading about Sophie and how she was trying to make it work in university. How she was trying hard to figure out AI and coding. I did think it was at times a bit magical how fast she learned and how quick she seemed to get things done. I mean she went from barely any coding knowledge to making an app in quite a short time. I know that is just not something you just easily set up like that, well, OK maybe if you make a shitty app, but otherwise, no. Still I found myself rooting for her because it isn’t easy at school. Many assignments, the class she wants is full and she is on the waitlist and the class is full of hacker bros (I would call them that given how they acted at times) and the teacher is just meh. I am sorry, but I just wasn’t a fan of Horvath. Instead of encouraging something new, something that is different from what the others are doing, he acts like it is not important. But I loved how Sophie never gave up and tried to make her proposal real. How she just went to find out who to interview. Who to talk to. Tried to make sure that her app had so many more data  things and options. Sophie is a force to be reckoned with, and we see that she is also like that with other things. From preparing a party to finding a job to many other things. She manages a whole lot and a lot of people would probably have just burned out, but Sophie keeps going. Not sure if that is healthy, but she seems OK for most of the time. I also loved how she took time in between everything to be there for Xavier. To talk to him. To help him out. To make sure he is safe and fine. It was so sweet. I did want to hug her at times as she is just worrying so much about things. How she is worried Tornado Sophie will take over. How she worries about how people see her (because she likes fashion and she is very charismatic which causes jealousy with girls).

Next up is Xavier who had big plans… but then his Ba came in between. My heart just broke for Xavier many times throughout the book because of how people acted towards him, especially his Ba. Acting like Xavier was worthless. As if he brought shame upon the family. We see that for Xavier it also means that he doesn’t want to do anything with his family even though he loves his aunts. We see how he struggles with school, how he tries and tries, but I can imagine if you have dyslexia and in such severe level along with something else… it just isn’t going to work. And I really didn’t get why Xavier’s dad didn’t want to see it. I mean your son has other fantastic ways to do things. His art is amazing. He has an eye for things and can see things that many people would overlook. I just wanted to give Xavier many hugs as he struggled his way through the book. I was so very proud though of him when things seemed to go bad for his family that he decided to help out. Many people would NOT have done this, but Xavier did.

Then of course there is the romance. Or well. We see a girl (Sophie) trying her hardest to ignore the feelings, because she is worried that she will just be as bad as when they first had a relationship. That she will tornado Xavier again. And we have Xavier who is very interested in Sophie and slowly sees another Sophie in her. One who is very caring. One who sticks with him through fire. I just loved seeing the two of them together and I was just hoping and hoping that these two would get back together again. For real this time. Both go through some big things in this book and both discover other sides to the other. There was one scene near the end and I was just squealing. It was such a wonderful piece and it just cemented their love story, at least for me.

I just had a few EHHHHSS. One is Bert. Bert is a dick and I really don’t get why anyone still hangs out with him. I mean, if my friend would do all those things despite people saying to NOT do it? Like go on a drunk rampage in a plane or at a party? Breaking things and doing shitty things? Bye friendship. Bert was just so annoying.
Next up the Claire and Ted stuff. Aunt Claire thinks that her husband is cheating on her. Why? Because he visits a fashion shop and even measured her waist and is seen with a girl who also works at that said fashion shop. I immediately knew that Uncle Ted was a good egg and he was just helping out, but OH NO Claire and Sophie immediately went conspiring about it. Immediately thought the worst. WOW. Even I, a girl that has been cheated on by guys, has more trust in guys. That says a lot.
And of course, I constantly wanted to punch Victor, Edward, and especially Ba. We do later find out some things about Ba, but seriously? For most? He was just so heartless. Those things you just don’t do to your son. You don’t make him feel shit for his entire being.

All in all, I am very happy with this book. There is immense growth for both characters. Sweet romance. Fantastic friends. I would highly recommend this book to all and I kind of want another book in the series. Maybe following Emma?

Star rating, 5 stars

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