Review for Mickey and the Missing Spy

Review for Mickey and the Missing Spy

Mickey and the Missing Spy (Mickey and the Animal Spies #3) by Anne Miller, Becka Moor, Purple, Animals, Spies, Children's Book, Humour, Fun, CodesThe 3rd book in this wonderful spy-tastic series! This time two groups will come together to save the world!

Haha, I should really try to keep up more with series, because I didn’t find out about this new sequel until this year! While apparently the book released last year in November! Oh well, better late than never I guess. This was again a very fun book and I loved the events happening in it! Since I am a bit fried (writing this one July 19th when the temperature is around 40C) I will just list all the reasons why I loved this book (oh and one 🙄)!

😍Seeing all the various animals again! And see them all use their specialities.
😍Loved Bertie trying his best to go away from the desk and try to be an actual agent. Yes, he is big, and yes, he has some issues because of that because whereas the others kind of fall away in the background he stands out quite a bit. So I was so proud of him throughout the book as he decided to go for it and he did some great things.
😍Loved finally meeting Hildegarde! And her pet! I have to say I was a bit sus about her for quite a bit of the book. I mean, I hoped that she would be good and I had a feeling she would be good, but you never know in books about spies! Who is to say she didn’t step to the dark side. Thankfully she turned out to be on the good side and I just loved how accepting she was of the animals and how she worked together with them and even went further than that.
😍Loved the various codes strewn throughout the book! There are again a few of them and I just love it. I cannot wait to see what is next in the following books (I am hoping there are more books).
😍Loved the ending, it just made me smile so much. The animals (and Mickey) deserve this one, they are so kick-ass and I think it is a great plan to work together. More cases, and then can help more people.
😍It was great to see Mickey take charge! She was worried about things, but I loved that she had her arguments ready and that she was also OK with just going at it alone.. if it needed to be that way. She was dedicated and knew what she wanted. She knew there was a case and that even though it was a human case, that it would mean danger for the animals as well.
😍Great how well Mickey fits in now. She knows exactly what to do if she wants to send out a message, she knows all the bits and pieces on how things work, and more. She was already pretty prepared in the first book because of everything, but in this one? I felt like she was really one of the team. Really a spy.
😍There was tons of excitement, there was just never a dull moment. Each time there was a new hint, a new clue to follow, something else exciting to happen. From news that two human ex-spies (or are they) were missing to finding out about Hildegard to seeking out the other spies that formed a group.
😍The illustrations. Hello! Becka Moor is just an amazing illustrator and I am so happy she does the artwork for this fantastic spy series.

🙄Harry was here again. I am sorry, I would rather see a different villain for once.

All in all, I hope with everything pretty neatly tied up there will still be more books in this series. I definitely don’t have enough Mickey and her animal friends. I want more! More codes! More cases! I would recommend this book (and the series) to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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