Review for Neon’s Secret Universe

Review for Neon’s Secret Universe

Neon's Secret Universe, Sibéal Pounder, Magic, Children's Book, Fantasy, Blue, PurpleUnicorns, magic lipstick, new friends, rats and goos, and more! It was so so much fun!

I just LOVE LOVE Sibéal Pounders work, she is on my auto-buy list. If she has a new book? I want it! And this one was also a big NEED. I love unicorns, but I also love seeing what other unicorns there are. Plus, magic. And humour. Sign me up.

Sorry in advance if the review is a tad.. um, chaotic. XD I just had so many feels!

Meet Neon Gallup (yep, even her name is perfect) who is about to discover a whole new world. Thanks to a very bright lipstick! Yep, lipstick, it is good for your lips and looking good but you can also enter a magical world. I loved this magical world and loved seeing the people who lived there. Unicorns. But not the unicorns we all know and love, oh no, that was an idea by Greg. No these are just humans. But just more colourful, bright, fun, and magical. I wanted to step into the book so many times because there were so many exciting moments. OK, I wasn’t such a fan of the leaders holding Neon in the world, I found that quite rude, I mean, finally the portal is open again and then you do this? No. But it did give Neon a chance to meet wonderful people, discover goo, work in a hilarious supermarket full of adventure, and more. I really loved Neon she was a really sweet character and she fitted her age very well. She just wanted to be normal, well girl, good luck!

I loved the big cast of characters that Neon meets. They were all so interesting. I absolutely love Moya and Old Lady Buck those were my favourite side-characters. Greg, oh boy, Greg. XD

I had quite a giggle when Neon thought to run away from one world with rats to another. I did love that as the story continued she didn’t mind rats that much.

I just love that this world uses goo for everything! Yes. Really! From decorations to yummy things to clothes. I just love the idea of mastering goo (though often it seems to be just a question of reading the instructions) and being able to summon Santa and eat delicious cake. Go!

I loved how it all ended with the evil villain, the wishes, and everything. It definitely still leaves some room for more books about Neon!

There were just 2 things that I wasn’t such a fan of. The Phantom Plaza, it seemed like such an important and awesome place, but we barely see anything because of events happening (dumb things). Then there is the last few pages. I see Neon forgot the #1 rule of making a portal in enemy territory. sighs

Also a tad of a shame to that spoiler on the cover! I won’t tell you what, but as soon as that was mentioned in the story and I had a look at the cover again… I knew.

The book also has incredible illustrations by the amazing Sarah Warburton! I just love her style and her illustrations brought the story even further to live!

But in overall, Sibéal Pounder did it again and I am freaking hyped for more books in this series! I hope it will be a long series, because I love this world. So much fun!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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