Review for Oma’s wonderbaarlijke griezelhuis (English Review)

Review for Oma’s wonderbaarlijke griezelhuis (English Review)

Meritxell Martí, Xavier Salomó, Oma's Wonderbaarlijke Griezelhuis, Witches, Magic, Fantasy, Children's Book, Surprise, Picture Book, House, Boy, Bicycle, Tree, Cat, FunA spooky and wonderful read about a boy visiting his grandma and all the spookiness that happens in the house.

Normally I don’t write reviews for books that don’t have an English version, however… this book was just tons and oodles of fun and I just HAD to. I had to share the love I have for this book. Plus, I read somewhere that rights were given for many more languages/countries, so who knows, maybe it will be out soon.

In this book we meet an blue-haired boy who is going to visit his grandma. His grandma isn’t just any grandma, oh no, as we enter the house we see that she is either a slob or a witch. 😂 Quite soon I leaned towards witch. No normal human would have the things that she has in her house. Eyeball soup? Purple water? Spooky things? I was curious if the boy was really related and if he was normal or not. Well, haha, there are quite a few moments that I was like, OH HECK no, this boy must be magical. But what kind? I was looking forward to finding that out. And I can tell you it made me smile because that just fitted so well with the boy! You will have to read the book, I am not going to tell you.

We see the boy walk through the house on his way to see grandma. He gets distracted for a bit when he sees grandma’s cat and he tries to get it. I had such a laugh at those parts! I loved walking along with the boy through the house and I enjoyed opening the flaps to get some extra spookiness! From bats flying away to plants being very much alive to mysterious things happening. There is already plenty to see and details everywhere, but the flaps really completed it for me! I just love books with those.

The ending? When he went to see grandma, finally. LOVED that! It made me smile and I was squeeing in delight at seeing my Halloween husband, aka Jack Skellington. I don’t to give away much more, but I just have to mention that.

The art was a delight, the style seems very familiar to me, but I checked the illustrator and I haven’t read anything by them.

All in all, I had tons of fun reading this book! I will definitely be re-reading this one for Halloween. Well, OK, if the library has the book then. XD

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