Review for The Trophy Case

Review for The Trophy Case

The Trophy Case (The Wright Detective #2) by Kelly Swan Taylor, Mystery, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Sports, FriendshipI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

First up, thank you again to the author for allowing me to read another book of yours, this time the second book in the Wright Detective Series!

Second, let’s get to the review! Because I had tons of fun reading the book, so much was happening and I love how everything came together, but still left one thing open for the next book. The case of the break-ins. I already had a suspicion that this one wouldn’t be solved in this book, at least not entirely. Because there is already plenty in this book! I am happy that the case did get some of the spotlight, but didn’t take it all. The main focusses in this book are Mason (does he like Tessa or not), Trophy Case, some smaller cases, Cam and Tessa’s family, Cross country team try outs. As you see, plenty! Plus, there are also some tinier bits. Which I all loved.

The biggest thing was the Trophy Case. The previous book ended that someone had stolen the newest basketball trophy. But who has done it? And why? I just had so much fun with this case. Following Tessa around town, see her talk to people and make my own list with suspects and more. In the end I did guess it just a bit before Tessa did. But I can tell you that the author doesn’t make it very easy. It is still a very fun mystery. With plenty of suspects and motives. You just have to find that one connection. That one thing. And then things click. I absolutely love that Tessa’s dad gave her full reign on the mystery. He and his team were busy with other things (like the break-ins) so if Tessa wanted to solve the Trophy Case, she could go ahead. Of course, if she kept telling him what she found and more.

One of the bigger things that book focussed about was Mason x Tessa. Tessa really likes Mason.. but does Mason like her? I just loved this part because it reminded me of myself when I was that age. Unsure about what boys meant. Unsure what those feelings are that I feel in my tummy and head. I could definitely relate. And so I was rooting for Tessa and wished I could step in to tell her that he did like her. That he was just also awkward about it and not sure how to bring it. I loved seeing them go out together, drink and eat some yummy foods, talk, and there are several big moments. I had a laugh at Tessa’s experiment to make sure about Mason’s feelings. XD That was adorable! I am so happy that these two managed to figure things out!

And of course the other girls are also with their boys and drama. I loved that we didn’t just see Tessa, but also get to see/read about the other girls.

I also love love reading about the running. Not much track this time. But we get plenty of cross country running. Tessa is training for a 5K run and for the try-outs with the cross country team. I just love seeing her being so dedicated and run so much.

We also read how it is going now with Cam in the house. Well. We see that things aren’t going so well. Cam is crying a lot. Tessa and her parents are going bonkers. We see that tension is getting higher and higher and sometimes arguments and fights happen. I was very happy with the addition of Hanna, she was just a dream and perfect for Tessa’s family. She was really a saviour for them. Being able to take away some of the tension and stress. Have the family relax just a bit more. I loved to learn a bit more about her and where she came from. Loved seeing her make food. Love how sweet she was with the family. And I am also glad that the parents understood that Tessa was just not always happy. Didn’t go angry on her, and if they did snap a bit they made sure to talk and say sorry. I love this family.

I wasn’t sure about Nick. I mean, I am glad that things settled and he focussed on Riley, but I was a bit worried at first that this one would turn into some love triangle. Because of how he was constantly around Tessa and kinda flirting with her.

I absolutely love reading about the cats. Seeing their names, reading about how they are doing and how they are growing up. Laughing at Sherlocks (Tessa’s cat) antics. I am so happy to see the cats happy and save. That they got some good homes!

In my review for the last book I said there just needed to be more mystery. Well, I can tell you, we get plenty of mystery in this one! Skilfully entwined with many other things. I just loved seeing Tessa (but also the other girls) try to solve the Trophy Case mystery but also having fun doing some other mysteries. And then there is the break-in mystery that also gets a bit of the spotlight at times. There was plenty of mystery and I was in for it. Thanks to the author!

Phew, well, I could probably go on and on about this book, it was just so much fun! I will stop at this here and just end with that I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I had tons of fun and there is a great balance between all the plot points. I cannot wait to read the next book! I want to see what is up with those break-ins (are my hunches correct?).

Star rating, 5 stars

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