Review for The Witch’s Cat

Review for The Witch’s Cat

The Witch's Cat (Furry Purry Beancat #4) by Philip Ardagh, Rob Biddulph, Cat, Witch, Stars, Time Travel, Dreams, CuteA new Furry Purry Beancat and I was excited to see it in my library!

The series is a bit hit/miss to me. I really liked the Library Cat one, but I wasn’t such a big fan of the Pirate Captain’s Cat. This one was good again, but there were some things I didn’t enjoy, but thankfully also plenty that I did.

In this adventure Beancat (I am sorry I am not going to keep calling her by her full name) lands in the past, this time when the witch trials were fierce. She meets a girl who is accused of a witch and Beancat tries to help her out while also searching for her person. Yes, each cat has her person and I just love seeing Beancat finding them. I loved how sweet and adorable Beancat was. I mean, cats mostly do things just for themselves, but BC did a lot for Santos and our accused witch girl. I was just enjoying it a lot! Rooting for BC to help out and I loved her plan. She has made such a hilarious plan when the witch hunters come to town. It took some food to convince some animals but then the plan was a go! I won’t spoil anything, but I am sure everyone will be laughing!

I loved meeting new characters including new mice! But we also meet a new cat, Santos. He was just so sweet, though his eyes…. XD

At one point BC still hadn’t found her human and that made me curious. The ending definitely tied things together and made me go OHHHHH! That was fun! Loved it!

The reason why I am rating it lower because there is at times just unnecessary comments. About how great BC is, or how things worked that she could travel through time. I mean, that was OK the first time I read the book, but now after 2 books it just gets boring. Maybe just make an prologue at the beginning to get the info out of the way. Plus, I get it BC is fantastic, fabulous, wonderful.

The illustrations by Rob Biddulph are just the sweetest and his style fits very well with the story! Love it!

All in all, I had fun reading this one and I finished it in one go! It was a lot of fun!

Star rating, 3 stars

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