Review for Tiny Travelers: Haiti – Treasure Quest

Review for Tiny Travelers: Haiti – Treasure Quest

Haiti: Treasure Quest (Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest) by Steven Wolfe Pereira, Susie Jaramillo, Meiyee Tan, Abigail Gross, Non-Fiction, Travelling, Haiti, Children's BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I saw this book (and also a few others in the series) on Netgalley and was instantly curious. I thought I would try this one out as Haiti sounded the most interesting country + it has been a country that I have been more curious about to learn more. For now (writing this August 30th) I am a bit full, but hopefully later in September the books are still there, because I definitely want more!

In this 32 book we learn all about Haiti. From festivals to food to music to much more. We travel through all of Haiti. From colourful houses to markets. Each page has something new! Next to some main facts we also have a Did You Know shaped like a ticket on the bottom left and a treasure stamp that asks you to find something. I learned SO MUCH about Haiti thanks to this book and I greatly enjoyed reading it. I love the format, that it isn’t crammed with information, but instead you get a few small bits.

Bonus points to pronunciation of words. I always love it when books add that. For most it was easy for me as a lot words were French and I had a few years of that in school. But there were also other words. Plus, this book is for kids, so it is even more perfect they add the pronunciation.

I loved that at the end we get a sort of passport/postcard along with a checklist for treasures. I am wondering if those treasure (which look like stamps) are actually stickers in the physical version? Now that would be fun! Then kids could stick the stamp in the right place.

The illustrations were so fun, so colourful, playful, and fitted wonderfully with the book.

All in all, do you want to learn more about Haiti? Curious about festivals, foods, and more? Be sure to check out this book. This is perfect for kids (and adults like me).

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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