Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 11-9-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 11-9-2022

Hello everyone!

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Welcome to a new shiny Sunday’s TBR Updates!

This week was pretty good! Not much exciting happened for most of the week, just your daily things. But on Saturday there was a party for the neighbourhood with BBQ, bingo, music, and fun. My hubby and I had tons of fun, and during the bingo in the evening won some music, a gorgeous spiderplant (which I had been eyeing since the beginning of the bingo, so YAS) and two cute candles (which smell delicious). It was great fun seeing my neighbours, a lot of them I knew, some I knew less, and we even met some new peeps. So fun fun, though I am absolutely dead now and need to recharge my battery. XD Plus, get ready to bake some cakes this upcoming week, as I want to thank two people (and their families) for making sure the BBQ and all other things were all peanut/nut free for me so I wouldn’t have to stress + my neighbours on the right now also want more baked goods as they loved the muffins I made. XD

Also just a month to go now before we can go searching for a cute puppers again, here is to hoping this time it will be a success (anxiety please leave the building).

Reading-wise, good week. Had fun reading several of my library books, so that stack is slowly going down. And then there were ARCs. My Netgalley TBR went down… but then on Friday up again as I kept finding new graphic novels and in the end added 4 of them to my shelves. Oops! Oh, and I am not sure about those big chonky historical fiction books. It is not the size that is a problem.. but more that I read one of them and it just didn’t work out. I was at 70 pages and thought how in the name of everything holy is this going to be another 300 pages? I mean, I could see it all solved in maybe 50 to 70 pages. I tried some more pages and it just seemed way too stretched out. So worried that may be the case for the others.

What did I read last week from my TBR? De neehoorn (so much fun, I had a laugh at the new animal we are introduced to, oh my gosh), De spannendste wandelroutes (tons of fun and I want to get walking now), Wij wensen u veel succes (this was so interesting, though some of the stories were a bit harder to read due to the subject matter), Geweldig gegrom (fun fun fun fun and ROAR), Gamehelden tegen de zombie-cowboys (loved this one, zombies, wild west and I love how the author wrote the character who is in a wheelchair, very well done), Momo (interesting and I love the diary parts that were added), Broeder Berend (another interesting book, at times a few too many !!!), Nooit geen kinderen krijgen (lovely non-fiction), Liefde voor kippen (cute, fun, interesting though also at times a bit boring).

I tried and dropped? Het najagen waard (as I said it just felt like it was meant to be a novella… but then was stretched out).

Here is a shiny new stack! I didn’t add any of the historical books I have because I am unsure if I want to read them, so I will first try the two on the stack from last time. I added some new library books to the stack, so excited about many of these! Not sure which to read first, let me know in the comments!

And that is it for this week’s TBR Updates! Thanks for reading everyone! Wish me luck with the baking and the reading. Let me know in the comments what you think looks good on my stack and I should read ASAP. And I hope everyone has a fantastic week and Sunday! Stay safe!

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