Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 18-9-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 18-9-2022

Good day all!!

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Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! I hope everyone had a great week + is having a fab Sunday~

This week was pretty OK-ish. The weather is really going in Autumn mode. It is cooler/colder. It rains on and off. It is windy. Brrrr! This week was pretty busy, but also fun! I visited Libraries #1 and #4, my hubby celebrated his birthday (we visited the zoo and ate food at a yummy restaurant). Oh, and I baked 4 chocolate cakes and some cookies!
Reading-wise a pretty good week. Had fun reading books (or trying books) + also getting my Netgalley TBR down a bit, because oh boy. On Saturday and a bit of Sunday I had plenty of time to read and I did so when I could. My hubby was away for a work/party weekend thingie and that meant I had the house to myself. Plenty of time!

What did I read last week from my TBR? The Worst Class (a bit repetitive but also quite funny), Reisdagboek van Travis (funny though also a bit annoying with that thought on and off part, like we get it), De mooiste zomer (such a great Thea book with plenty of adventure).

I tried and dropped? Vol vertrouwen (it just isn’t working, I think I will stick to novellas for these authors), Patroon (the writing-style didn’t work), De zwemmers (another case of the writing style not working), You Have a Match (something just wasn’t clicking for me), Het boek Job (could use some editing).

Here is a new stack! Including some new Library #1 books that I got on Saturday! The 5 books on the bottom are the ones that I need to read the soonest as they are from Library #3 and have to go back next Saturday. I also added some new physical books!

There we go! We are already at the end of this post! Thank you all for reading and let me know what looks good from my stack + what you are reading next week! I hope everyone has a fantastic day and a great week, stay safe!

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