Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 25-9-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 25-9-2022

Greetings everyone!!

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Welcome all! It is Sunday! It is time for a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! Whoo!

This week was pretty good. The weather is still in full autumn mode. I cannot wait for the leaves to change in the trees, for now they are still mostly green. My health is a bit off again, stomach upset, bit sniffly, got a fever. Hopefully it will just not proceed to something worse.. but I guess next week I will just be taking it easier. But on to this week. Had a dentist visit (eh), visited libraries (yay), got new flowers from the flower stall near me on Saturday (whoop), a friend popped by on Saturday (yassss), and just a few more weeks until I can go and search for a doggo! Whoo~
Reading-wise: Also a good week! Slowly making my way through my Netgalley and normal ARCs. Reading library books. Reading my own books. I am having tons of fun~

What did I read last week from my TBR? Op visite in de oceaan (such a gorgeous and delightful book with a dash of magic), Say NO to the Dress (OK-ish, just wasn’t a fan of the MC at all times), Mamamorphose (WOW WOW WOW, and also LOL), Dwaalspoor (exciting, but the romance took too big of a role), The Story of Afro Hair (I learned so many new things, this was fun), Magische bieb (unicorns!!), Kitty and the Twilight Trouble (fun, loved the fair, but wasn’t a fan of the two kitties), High-rise Mystery (the language didn’t always work for me, but the mystery and the characters were fun).

I tried and dropped? Moor voor de avonddienst (lord, so boring), Upright Women Wanted (didn’t work out, the worldbuilding and the characters).

And here is a gigantic new stack. Holy WOW. I just couldn’t choose what I wanted on the stack, I got new library books and so many great ones~ But given how I am feeling the last few days, maybe I will make a good dent in it.

We have reached the end! Wish me luck and hope for me that this whatever my health is doing doesn’t proceed to worse. Oh and of course, let me know in the comments what looks good on my stack + what you are reading this upcoming week! Have a fantastic week + Sunday, enjoy your books + stay safe!

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