Teaser Tuesday ~ High Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson

Teaser Tuesday ~ High Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson

High-rise Mystery (High-Rise Mystery #1) by Sharna Jackson , Mystery, Murder, Apartments, Children's Books
I flipped through the book to find just the right teaser and landed on page 149. It made me curious. Murder? Oh. OH.
We passed the Murder Investigation Room, formerly Pap’s office, on our way out. The door was ajar, and we craned our necks inside to have a look.
Officer Burnett sat at Pap’s desk, but not at Pap’s computer. He had pushed that relic to the edge, and sat typing away at a laptop. He didn’t look up. Above him, on the opposite wall, was a floorplan of Corner One. Floors 21 and 22 were circled in thick red marker.

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