Top 10 Books September 2022

Top 10 Books September 2022

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An autumny welcome to a new Top 10 post! September is almost over (where did it go) and I share my 10 favourites of this month!

September was pretty OK. My health is a bit wobbly the last week + a few days of this month, still not better. I visited libraries, contemplated on doing my garden but it kept raining or I wasn’t feeling well so I have to really up my game in October, I read a lot of fun books, I got back in the schedule of doing things again (because August was mostly vacation), I looked at cute dogs and kept counting down the days until I can search again (14 to go), the weather is getting colder, LORD at times I want to set the heating on high, but I am keeping it off. It is only September. Even though things hurt, I don’t want to put the heating on already. November. Yes. Maybe very maybe October. I baked yummy treats and got tons of plans for other fun recipes.

This month I had FOUR 5+ starred books and EIGHTEEN 5 starred books (not counting re-reads otherwise it would be sixteen 5 starred books).

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Naar de markt by Doro Göbel, Peter Knorr, Market, Children's Book, Fun, Cute, Search-Find
The BIG Christmas Bake by Fiona Barker, Pippa Curnick, Christmas, Picture Book, Animals, Baking, Magic, Twelve Days of Christmas, Dog, Fun, Picture Book, Kids, Tree, Hens
Meritxell Martí, Xavier Salomó, Oma's Wonderbaarlijke Griezelhuis, Witches, Magic, Fantasy, Children's Book, Surprise, Picture Book, House, Boy, Bicycle, Tree, Cat, Fun
Happy Hond kookboek by Maureen Du Toit, Cooking, Dogs, Fun,
It Looks Like Us, Alison Ames, Young Adult, Mystery, Monsters, Horror, Fire, Antarctic, Scary
The Amazing Edie Eckhart (The Amazing Edie Eckhart #1) by Rosie Jones, Natalie Smillie, Cerebral Palsy, Children's Book
The Trophy Case (The Wright Detective #2) by Kelly Swan Taylor, Mystery, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Sports, Friendship
Chocolade by Keda Black, Cooking, Yum, Chocolate
Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale by Judith L. Roth, Jaclyn Sinquett, Mermaid, Fantasy, Picture Book, Cute, Children's Book, Cats, Pets, Sweet
Patience & Esther: An Edwardian Romance, SW Searle, Blue, Bed, Fireplace, Girls, LGBT, Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction, Cute

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