Top 5 Books of my Summer Vacation 2022

Top 5 Books of my Summer Vacation 2022

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a new post, today I am sharing with you my 5 favourite books that I read during my 3-week vacation!

I thought it would be fun to show you all the books I most enjoyed during my vacation! Most are the books I brought along on my vacation but one is from the nearby library there (and yes, I bought it when I got home because it was that good). I really had a ton of fun reading during my vacation and read SO SO much, haha, I am still not sure how I did it. Check out this post to see what I read + stats!

Let’s get to showing what my fav books were! Also totally random order~ Oh, and I hope to write a review for most of these, if I can find the words! XD They will pop up this or next month (getting quite full again with my schedule)

Reminders of Him, Colleen Hoover, Contemporary, Romance, Mistakes, Adult, Blue, Pink, Birds
A Gangster Stole My Trunks by Tom Vaughan, Nathan Reed, Yellow, Cruise, Vacation, Humour, Family, Grandparents, Silly, Children's books
Lotta - Draaft door by Marloes De Vries

The Boy with Flowers in His Hair by Jarvis, Picture Book, Flowers, Friendship

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