Waiting on Wednesday ~ Spirit Week by Ira Marcks

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Spirit Week by Ira Marcks

Evening all!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! It is almost Halloween/Spooktober so I thought I would go for a book I really want to read and that fits with Halloween. Namely Spirit Week by Ira Marcks!

OK, I am not sure if I will be actually reading it during the horror month as it comes out on the 25th, and well… you all know how my Amazon is the last few months. Sighs Still crossing fingers that I will be able to order it in time~ Because this sounds awesome! I love the movie The Shining and this one takes place in Underlook Hotel! Yes, really! Even Danny is around. And then there is a curse and oh boy so much more and I am getting very hyped for the book. I am happy that Ira Marcks has a new book coming up, last year I read Shark Summer and that was such a sweet and great read.

Spirit Week by Ira Marcks , Ghosts, Horror, The Shining, Graphic Novel, Men, Women, Hotel, Snow, Curse, Mystery, SurviveSecret rooms, eerie curses, forgotten caves. Could you survive a week in the Underlook Hotel?

Aspiring engineer Suzy Hess is invited to the famous Underlook Hotel, domain of the reclusive horror writer Jack Axworth, in the mountains above her hometown of Estes Park, Colorado. Suzy thinks she’s there to tutor Jack’s son, Danny, but instead she finds herself investigating a local curse that threatens the landmark hotel.

With the help of Elijah Jones, an amateur filmmaker who thought he’d been asked to make a film about the so-called King of Horror; Rena Hallorann, the hotel’s caretaker; and Danny, who knows more than he’s letting on, Suzy sets out to solve the mystery at the heart of the Underlook, one that holds the town of Estes Park in its grasp. With only a week to save the hotel—and the town—the friends find themselves racing against time to uncover the shadows of the past.

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