Waiting on Wednesday ~ The United States of Cryptids by J.W. Ocker

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The United States of Cryptids by J.W. Ocker

Evening everyone~

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! Today I cannot wait to read The United States of Cryptids by J.W. Ocker!

Which came out today. But sadly on Amazon.nl it is currently unavailable cries cryptid tears. I really would love love to read this one for Halloween even if my pile (to be revealed on October 1st) is HUGE, GIGANTIC, WOW. I love love love reading about cryptids. It is not really a thing here in my country, but I am 100% in it! Mysterious beings? Mystical folklore? Sightings? Sign me up! Would definitely love going through a country (yes, even with my carsickness) and find all the spots that people claim they are seen, maybe even get some souvenirs. Sadly.. the US is very far out for me for many reasons next to money. XD So books like this? A dream! I am happy that there are more and more books about Cryptids appearing.

Wish for me that Amazon has this book in stock in time!

The United States of Cryptids: A Tour of American Myths and Monsters by J.W. Ocker, Cryptids, Non-Fiction, Fun, Folklore, Paranormal, Green, Hands, Claws, GreenWelcome to the United States of Cryptids, where mysterious monsters lurk in the dark forests, deep lakes, and sticky swamps of all fifty states. From the infamous Jersey Devil to the obscure Snallygaster, travel writer and chronicler of the strange J. W. Ocker not only uncovers the bizarre stories of these creatures but investigates the ways in which communities have embraced and celebrated their local cryptids.

4 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday ~ The United States of Cryptids by J.W. Ocker

  1. This looks like just the book for me! I collect all kinds of Cryptid books. I don’t even know how I missed this one!

    You can buy directly from Penguin Random House as well on their website if Amazon is out of stock for you. I think they do ship internationally!

    1. Ohh! Then it is perfect! Do you have some recs for me? I am always looking for new cryptid books to read.

      Sadly, they don’t ship outside of the US, just checked as I was curious. Then again, even if they did, I know how much shipping from the US is. Too expensive. I have said no to a fair number of Kickstarters or sites because they asked 40-60 dollar for shipping. And then I would also still have to pay VAT as things come from outside the EU. 😭😭 I will just pray to Amazon to have it.

  2. To say that I need this book in my life is an understatement. Every time I see it on someone’s blog, or bookstagram or Goodreads I’m like *GRABBYHANDS*. I’m obsessed with cryptids so this would be the perfect book to have and read.

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