What I Hope to Read October 2022

What I Hope to Read October 2022

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Welcome all to a new What I Hope To Read October 2022 also known as All the New Releases that Mehsi is DYING to read/get her hands on.

Can you all imagine it is almost October? I know I can’t. OK, I am happy that it is almost October as that means I can almost start searching for a doggo (Oct 15th here we go) and of course the amazing spoooooky month is here! But I also didn’t expect time to go that fast. XD My head is still in July/August even though the weather and calendar is clearly telling me HECK no. XD

September was a pretty good month, my hubby’s birthday happened and we had a fantastic day, I got back to blogging after a nice vacation (though I did plenty in my vacation but I am now back to normal schedule and such), tons of library visits, some great books were read.

As for what I read from September, well, none. For the spooky books, I am waiting for Amazon to deliver Ministry of Unladylike Events, Timberdark, and Mina. After reading some reviews about Haunting Season I am just not sure if I want to buy a physical copy or just go for a kindle copy. Ghosts come rising has been pushed back. And the others aren’t that easily found/OK price at Amazon.

For October, I got a nice list of books. Some Dutch books that I will have to buy or check my library for. I got 4 graphic novels that I need to get (yes, I count that Heartstopper Yearbook as a graphic novel). I am very excited about this upcoming month and hope to be able to read most of these. Well, OK, that depends if Amazon has the English books + at a decent price (and not those bonkers prices they ask these days).

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Spirit Week by Ira Marcks , Ghosts, Horror, The Shining, Graphic Novel, Men, Women, Hotel, Snow, Curse, Mystery, SurviveIt Starts with Us (It Ends with Us #2) by Colleen Hoover , Flowers, Romance, Adult, Divorce, Dual POV,

4 thoughts on “What I Hope to Read October 2022

  1. I can’t imagine it’s already October. It feels like just yesterday we started the year 2022. The years are flying by fast indeed. Great selection of books there. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad I am not alone. It just goes way too fast. Sometimes good (because yay Halloween is almost here) but sometimes meh (where did it all go?). Thank you! And thank you for commenting~

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