Goodreads Monday ~ #13: The Ministry of Unladylike Activity Robin Stevens

Goodreads Monday ~ #13: The Ministry of Unladylike Activity Robin Stevens

Good evening all! Hope you all having a spooky time~

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Welcome to a new Goodreads Monday! Today a book from my TBR stack! Eep!

This weekend was OK, went on a walk on Saturday, got sick on Sunday. Read plenty. Watched some spooky stuff. Ate some yummy brownies and should really make some new ones. XD I hope that this week means better health… but given how I feel today? Mm. Maybe not. Still hoping! As for spookiness, well by the time this posts comes up I will be eating, or well sharing as I cannot eat a whole one, a chocolonely and watching a scary or spooky movie, not yet sure which one. Plus, doing some fun Lego building.


What’s Goodreads Monday:

Originally hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners and now on Budget Tales Blog!

This meme will still include choosing a book from your Goodreads β€œto read” lists, but I also wanted you to feel able to share any progress that you have made on your current reads, your progress on any challenges that you have set and any other general Goodreads news!

There is no obligation to do the above, it is just a chance for you to share any Goodreads news and progress as and when you feel like it.

My book for this week is……
The Ministry of Unladylike Activity Robin Stevens, Children's Book, Red, Friendship, Mystery, Secrets, WWII
This week’s book is a sorta sequel to one of my favourite series: Murder Most Unladylike and BOY I am hyped about it! I was thinking of reading it for Halloween, but that one didn’t happen, so now I am hoping to read it this upcoming month. I am very curious about May Wong as a MC, we have seen her in the series before this at times, and I did like her (at points at least). Plus, I love that this one takes place during WWII + has spies and even more dangerous secrets! I cannot wait to meet Eric. And I cannot wait to go to Elysium Hall with these two characters! Eep!

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a fantastic spooky Halloween Monday and I hope also a fantastic week! Let me know what you would choose for Goodreads Monday + what you think of my choice!

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