Library Haul ~ 20-10-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 20-10-2022 (Library #1)


Welcome all to a new Library #1 Haul! It’s been a few weeks and I needed some new books!

But I was definitely worried if my plans would be able to go through. Why? Because it just kept raining. 😆 Buienradar started with that it would end at 1pm, then 1.30pm, and then 2pm. Until I just went out in the drizzle because heck, I am not waiting any longer. And thankfully, eventually it got dry and it got really nice outside. So I am glad I went.

I was so excited to visit the library again! I hoped to find plenty of fun books and bring tons of them home. Or well, as much as I could. Haha. Unlimited books though, that would be so cool. So I went hunting, in the mean time wondering what the heck they were making at the small little cafe, because cinnamon and speculaas-smells were everywhere. My tummy was like, OHHHH, I NEED. XD Didn’t go for it in the end, I wasn’t in the mood to be disappointed if it turned out the things had nuts or something.

I had tons of fun walking through the library, the lower floor (with adult fiction and non-fiction) didn’t bring anything, but upstairs with the children’s book, comics, and YA, well, I kept filling the stack I had in my bag. There were so many fun books to be found. I am especially excited about Een Liefde (which I am reading at the moment and it is just WOW) and the Harlequin comics which take a spin on her lore. And I love that I found so many Geronimo Stiltons. I am reading the spooky ones now as it is almost Halloween. Yes, my ADHD is not a fan of the font, but the stories are fun so I cannot resist. Sorry, ADHD. Live with it. 😛

STATS: 15 books. 5 comics, 2 non-fiction (or well 1ish, 1 for sure), 8 fiction.

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Complot op Schedelslot by Geronimo Stilton
Griezelen in de achtbaan by Geronimo Stilton
De gruwelshow by Geronimo Stilton
Vleermuisgespuis by Geronimo Stilton
There’s a Dog in my Brain by Caroline Green
Een liefde by Arnaud Cathrine
Fluisterwoud by Jennifer Murgia
Terry Dentons Gids voor alles by Terry Denton
Grimwood by Nadia Shireen
Harley Quinn #1 by Matteo Scalera
Harley Quinn #2 by Matteo Scalera
Redsun #1 by Alessandra de Fernardis
Van stormgod tot dondervogel by Claire Cock-Starkey
Bas en de Belhamels op vakantie by Eric de Rop, Paul Reichenbach
Drakenridders #1 by Lode Peeters

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