Library Haul ~ 22-10-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 22-10-2022 (Library #2+#3)


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Welcome to a shiny new mega haul from Libraries #2 and #3! Whoo!! So many new great books!

Keeping this one short as I just want to sleep (it is after 7pm when I finally have time to write this one), but I do want to share this epic haul! Show you guys all my books!

Library #3 was up first and once again chaos. Even more chaos than it has been for the past months. This time the entry floor was done, though didn’t have all the electronics because to borrow the new releases dotted around you had to go to the second floor. XD Well, I sure had my exercise as they apparently had a new system and it is just not working fine. I had to go back and forth between the entry floor and the second floor to get all my books checked in and also to borrow them. Yep, I hope they got all the kinks out by the time I visit again. I had fun walking around though and found a ton of books, including, HYPE HYPE, Hide by Kiersten White. A book I have been meaning to read for A LONG TIME. Now I can! Hopefully while it is still Halloween, and otherwise just a bit after that.

Then off to Library #2 to pick up reservations and walk around to find books to take along. I just had 19 reservations and plenty of room, so I wanted to add some more books! I found quite a few gems to bring along. I am very very excited about my finds and cannot wait to start reading them! Eep!

STATS: 46 books. 12 from Library #3 and 34 from Library #2! Good haul!

NOTE: Book list added! Yep, today 26-10 I had some time! Whoo~

NOTE #2: First picture is Library #3 and the other two are Library #2.

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Hide by Kiersten White
Bloedlijn by Amélie Nothomb
Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber
Kapitein in hangmat by Kasper Peters
Museumnacht by Chinouk Thijssen
Enkeltje Mars by Wouter Polspoel
De appels blijven liggen en de piano is stil by Else van Basten Batenburg
112 verhalen by Stef Vanlee
De duizendpoot by Wanderwelle, Floor van het Nederend
Donker en Onnatuurlijk by Milan Hulsing
Wat leeft er op het wad? by Ilka Sokolvski
Gebed tot de sterren by Inaki Holgado

De cupcake catastrophe by Rhaida El Touny
Magie by Tanja Voosen
Het zeemonster by Thea Stilton
Het rampzalige sociale leven van Lottie by Katie Kirby
Ik hou van eenhoorns by Anke Werker
Monster jagen voor beginners by Ian Mark
De bazenstraat by Katinka Polderman
De grot der wensen by Tijs van Marle
Aangespoeld by Mary Heylema
De verschrikkelijkste klas van de wereld by Joanna Nadin
Het is simpel, Stilton by Geronimo Stilton
Ontzet by Gerard van Gemert, Henry Willbrink
Ariol #1 deel 1 by Emmanuel Guibert
Ariol #1 deel 2 by Emmanuel Guibert
Kleine luiaard by Linda Beukers
Ik ben niet vermist by Kashelle Gourley
Pauwtje Pio by Ruth Brillens, Rik de Wulf
Opa, ga je mee? by Anke Kranendonk
Machtige Min by Melissa Castrillón

I Must Betray You by Ruth Sep
Moth by Amber McBride
Hildeke by Lieve Joris
Bikini’s & Kites by Anja Janssen
Een hart vol herinneringen by Karen Witemeyer
Little Escapes in Nederland by Maartje Diepstraten
Berlijn voor hedonisten by Élodie Benchereau
Levenslessen met de L van Lindgren by Barbara Rottiers
Achter de bomen stond een leeuw by Daan Remmerts de Vries
Natuurlijke cosmetica zelf maken by Emilie Hébert
Alles leeft by Christian Borstlap
Hier komen de microben by Dr. Emily Grossman, Maggie Li
Zuurdesem brood bakken by ?
In vogelvlucht: De wereld rond by John Farndon
Het dikke vogelboek by Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder

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