Review for At The Old Haunted House

Review for At The Old Haunted House

At the Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman, Nate Wragg, Spooky, Halloween, Haunted House, Monsters, Fun, Picture Book, Children's BooksA delightful spooky read, perfect for Hallloweeeeeeen~ Booooo~

I was looking for a fun spoooooky book to read, it is almost Spooktober (writing this one on September 27th) and I thought why not a spooky picture book! I came across this one and just had to read it. I love love love haunted houses and this cover just screamed spooky and fun!

In this fun book we visit a Spoooookyyyy Old House. I thought, given the cover, that we would just go and see the kids on the cover discover the house, but actually, that doesn’t happen. We as the reader are exploring the rooms (and the outside). We see what the house holds for residents and well, I loved it. From bats to vampires to wolves. All your typical monsters + more are there and drawn in a fun way and doing all sorts of delightful and weird things. I loved meeting these monster families and see what they were all doing on this spooky evening. Along the way at times we see three costumed kids walk the path to the house meeting some critters belonging to the house. I really liked that we got to see the kids make their way to the house, and was curious how this encounter would go. Who would open the door? Would they go in? What would they see?

And I really liked what happened when the kids got to the door! I won’t spoil it, but I definitely hadn’t expected that to happen and it made me giggle and smile! I want to go to this house, too!

I hadn’t expected this one to be a counting book, but it was definitely fun. It took me a few pages before I saw it was that but after that I was eagerly looking forward to the next number and what creatures/creepers/critters it would be this time. Wolves? Slimes? Ghosts? Something else! Ohhhhh!

The illustrations were just so much fun! I love how the monsters (and critters) were drawn! The illustrator has a really wacky and fun style and I just love love the colours that were used throughout.

Though I just read the blurb and apparently this is based on a poem? I never heard of it. I guess it is something American? Guess maybe I will check it out soon, if I feel up to it. XD

This is a perfect book for Halloween! It is spooky! And you can learn to count as well (in a fun way)!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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