Review for Crazy Food Truck Vol.1

Review for Crazy Food Truck Vol.1

クレイジーフードトラック 1 (Crazy Food Truck #1) by Rokurou Ogaki, Dystopia, Manga, Road Trip, Food Truck, Food, Action, Exciting, Man, WomanWelcome to a dystopian setting with a kick-ass food truck driver and his awesome food truck!

I was looking around for a new manga to read when I came across this manga! Food! Action! More food! Dystopia! Food Truck! I was definitely eager to dig in and now I need more of this series because this one was way too fun!

😍 I loved the Food Truck, though haha, at times it felt a bit useless as no one was buying food. He was just making it. Finding food. And then trying to sell it, in the end just eating it all by himself (or later all by Arisa). Still, despite the uselessness I did like that the guy kept trying. That he kept going to places. That he was eager and excited. I also loved seeing each new feature that the Food Truck has, and it has a lot. From a hidden shower to a sign with what the truck is up at at the moment (Turbo for instance when it is driving super fast). I would definitely love to visit the Food Truck. Such a shame one cannot just go into books to visit the worlds.
😍 Gordon. An unsociable older man who can kick some ass. For real. The guy is lethal. He may look like just an old man, but don’t piss him off. Later on we find out some details about him that explains why he is so kick-ass, but I am sure that there is plenty more hidden secrets waiting to be exposed. And I cannot wait! I need to know more about him. I loved all the food stuff he was able to make, but also loved seeing him collect food. He has quite some knowledge about how to find things and where to get them.
😍 The food. GOOD LORD, I just love a good manga or anime with food. Sometimes you just want to lick your book or screen. Soooo good! In this one we get various yummy food items and I just wanted to taste them all. OK, well, some are probably not good for me because of allergies, but I like to think that if the option was there to go visit a book/manga/anime world that one also loses allergies. XD
😍 There is so much kick-ass action. Both Arisa and Gordon kick some butt and they form quite a team despite not knowing each other for that long. There was one scene were they were both up on a table and it just showed how well they clicked together.
😍 Loved seeing the world, which for now just looks like desert wasteland. So I do have questions. What happened to the world? What happened to civilization? Why is the ocean now the desert? Why can you fish squid and the likes out of the desert? I do hope that in later volumes we get some more answers. For now I was just mesmerized by this world. People are still around but in smaller populations. And I did love the landscape and seeing what grew or lived there. Pufferfishcow? How did the author even think up that one? XD
😍 The mystery. There is so much mystery going on and I love it as it gives us plenty of material to enjoy. What is Arisa? Why do they want her? Does she ever stop eating? What is up with Gordon?
😍 There was never a dull moment. I just love it when a story can grab me by the shirt and drag me along.
😍 I really loved the art style! It fitted so well with the story + characters.

😍/🤔 I both loved and disliked Arisa. I loved her design (and no not just her boobs, thank you), I loved her eyes. I loved the mystery vibe. I loved how she just seemed to be able to kick some serious butt. I laughed at how she went along with things. But at times she was just too oblivious for my likes. At times she just pissed me off with how much she eats. I mean it is fun the first time, but seeing her eat the fridge and everything else constantly? And then getting angry (hangry?) at Gordon for there being no food? It just pissed me off. I get you are hungry, but you are always hungry. You will really have to learn to share and be kinder towards Gordon.

All in all, this was one manga I am happy I discovered! I cannot wait for more and what is next! I would recommend this manga to all if you are looking for a zany and fun manga featuring food!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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