Review for House London

Review for House London

House London by Ellie Stathaki, Anna Stathaki, Interiors, Houses, Architecture, Non-Fiction, PhotographI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I always love books about architecture and going into homes and checking them out, so of course this book had to be requested… even if my Netgalley TBR is already a bit too full for my liking. Haha. I prefer it to be around 5, but at this moment (12th September) it is around 17. Oh noes.

In this book we visit several gorgeous (and some that I don’t find gorgeous) interiors in the city of London. I had fun seeing all these homes, it is as if I was using Funda (a Dutch site where you can find and see houses) only now for the most fancy and exclusive houses ever. We see some gorgeous houses with little nooks or beautiful ceilings with windows or visit houses that just scream COMFY, come sit on this soft couch and relax with us. Some really stunned me in how beautiful they were and I wish I could have stepped into the houses and just wander around myself instead of seeing some photographs. The first half of the book was definitely my favourite of the book.

Because the second half? Not really my cup of tea for a lot of time. Some houses I wondered if someone was colour blind because PINK? BLUE? Pink blue yellow all together? UMMMMM. No. Some other houses were just so full and busy that I probably would never find a moments rest there if I would have lived there. I don’t need my house to be boring white or super minimalist, but dark blue or lots of stuff everywhere? Not my thing.

And the text? I tried to read it, but the font was very tiny. Even with my glasses I just had a hard time reading them. Not to mention… it was just so dreadfully boring. And then the last thing why I wasn’t a fan of the text, at times it just spoiled what was about to come. Oh you will see this room decked out in this and that. I don’t want to know. I want to explore it by myself.

But all in all, I am happy that I got this book, I have discovered some gorgeous houses/interiors. And I had fun escaping the world a bit.

Star rating, 3 stars

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