Review for Isadora Moon Gets the Magic Pox

Review for Isadora Moon Gets the Magic Pox

Isadora Moon Gets the Magic Pox (Isadora Moon #15) by Harriet Muncaster, Children's Book, Pox, Fun, Cute, Fantasy, Fairies, VampiresWhat do you do when you don’t want to do a test? Find out in this fun Isadora Moon book!

I was so excited that one of my libraries had this book in their collection! I just love the Isadora Moon series. OK, well, most of the books that is. Some are a tad too preachy for me, but there are a lot of fun stories in there. And this one just looked so adorable.

In this one Isadora worries about a math test and wonders if she can get out of it. Yes, Isadora Moon, a girl normally not doing something naughty is now enlisting the help of her cousin Mirabella (aka naughty girl #1) to help her out. I was just laughing so much because I could 100% understand Isadora’s feelings on the matter. I would do the same if I was a magical being. Maths are horrendous. Even with practice I was never good at it, so yes, I would have definitely gone for Magic Pox or something else. Just to give me a moment of peace. I loved seeing Isadora collect the items she needed and make the potion. It was great fun how things first seemed to be perfectly OK… but of course, things don’t go so well in the end and I was just giggling. Though also maybe a tad worried because I knew that Isadora’s mom and dad wouldn’t be too happy Isadora lied to them… plus made a mess (an adorable mess though, can I have one of those cuties?).

I loved how the mom was at first quite unhappy about the situation, but then when Isadora explained was kind and together they solved not just the magic pox situation but also the other situation that Isadora was worried about. It was just so sweet and heartwarming. Though I had a laugh. Poor dad comes from his sleep (vampires yay) and sees his wife and kid spray potions to get rid of pink stuff. Mm, I would just turn around dad. Turn around and go back to sleep. XD

I loved the ending, that teacher is just the sweetest!

Oh, and I love that Isadora’s sister is slowly growing up. I was already thinking if this would be like perpetual baby, but we see her really get bigger. So cute!

So, yeah, I had fun reading this book and I loved that Isadora showed another side of herself. I hope she has learned a lesson and I hope that next time she will ask for help first before going for magic.

I cannot wait to see what will be next for Isadora Moon. I would recommend this book to all! Sweet, adorable, funny, and magical!

Star rating, 4 stars

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