Review for Masks

Review for Masks

Masks, Volume 1: The Mask without a Face by Kid Toussaint, Joël Jurion, Horror, Mystery, Scary, Graphic Novel, Girls, ZombiesI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

OK, this turned out to be not what I expected but I still greatly enjoyed it! Given the cover and the blurb I had expected something super duper scary involving masks. Horror. Something gruesome. Instead I got mysterious masks with all sorts of powers, a history behind them, and tons of supernatural action. It took me a bit to shift to that, but then I was just fully enjoying it.

The masks were pretty nifty! OK, I am not sure if I would have wanted Hector’s mask given how terrifying that one is. And not because of looks, but because of what it can do. Most of the book is actually about our characters and a team of adults trying to free Hector and make sure the mask is in the right hands. Because, oh boy oh boy oh boy. You don’t want this mask in the wrong hands. It would destroy the world. It would destroy everything. And why? Well, you have to read it! I wasn’t such a fan of Hector, the beginning really soured him for me, but as the story went on I was a bit more sympathetic to him. Yes, he was a bad boy, but no one deserves this.

I absolutely loved Al. I guess since they want to be male I should use he/him, so here we go. He is struggling with his body. We learn that from early on he has the feeling he was a boy. Though it seems his family is not all up to it. Though also not down-right being against it. I don’t know. Couldn’t really get a grasp on it. Either way, we see him struggle. And that is why I loved his mask. His masked allowed him to be a strong male. A huge hulking form. Apparently it depends on the wearer how strong/big the character is, so given how big and strong we see him it is a clear indication that someone needs to help out Al and get him all the help. Make sure he can transition safely. Without having to wear those horrible painful binders.

We also meet other characters, like Siera. A girl on the run for her family and trying her hardest to find a home. In the beginning of the story things seem to be OK, but quickly escalate and I was just so sad for her. That she had to constantly run. Flee. Just because she didn’t want to do what her family wanted her to do. Which I won’t mention as a spoiler, but holy hell, I would have also ran away. Nope to that. Her mask fits with her perfectly. Just like the others. I really liked Siera and I hope that she is able to find a stable home and make her dreams come true.

I loved seeing the characters meet and see them work together and I am excited for the next book in the series. I am curious what other masks there are and what kind of powers they have. What is up next for these children. What adventures await them.

The illustrations were really good. The art style was nice. It fitted well with the book and the story.

All in all, despite not being what I thought this was going to be I did enjoy it a lot and I would recommend this supernatural action book to all.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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