Review for Mitchell Manor

Review for Mitchell Manor

Mitchell Manor by S.R. Leinbeck, Haunted House, Horror, Novella, Romance, Love Triangle, Confusing, Now and ThenI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was so happy to see a new haunted house mystery pop up over at Netgalley. I just love it! Especially with this spooky time. And this was a bit hit/miss in the end. Had fun moments, spooky moments, but at times it just frustrated or confused me.

The mystery of the mansion. I loved it. Loved the little messages on the laptop. Loved the whispers. The ghostly visions. The evil laughter and the children’s laughter (even if the last one wasn’t too bad in the end which is a change from normal). It was fun seeing her uncover new things, hints, and facts. Though I did think it was all a bit easy? I don’t know. I mean, here we have Evan and Harrison both from the families that had something to do with what happened in the past and neither of them knew what was going on and one even found out new things about his family which was just odd.

Bebe and Bart were such terrific characters and I absolutely loved them. I knew instantly what they were, but they seemed to be good and I loved how they were there for Elle, accepting her, being kind.

The house was fun, especially with how things worked. How it seems dark from outside but light inside. How a certain person couldn’t go to the house. How the time/temperatures/seasons would change. And more.

I also liked Elle, she was fun and I loved that she wasn’t thrown off when things started to get scarier. I loved that she was determined to figure out what was going on. Go Elle!

It was also great fun to read about this little town and see some of the people who lived there. The sisters at the post office? Would have loved to meet them in real life. They seem so friendly and fun to be around.

But I just wasn’t such a big fan of the multiple characters. I really liked Elle. But then it would switch over to Harrison, Evan, or someone else. It just confuddled me and I think I would have rather had just one POV. Just follow Elle and her time in the manor.

The love triangle. Those who know me know that I generally HATE them. I wasn’t a fan how Elle went for Evan first, even having him over for the night and almost kissing him, and then the next day kissing Harrison with a lot of love. I am glad that she decided on who to go for, but yeah, it just wasn’t my thing. Plus, it distracted from the story.

While I did love how things were resolved with the ghosts? I did feel a bit rushed. A bit boom done. I had just hoped for a bit more excitement.

The ending. On the one hand it was a pretty nice and big twist.. on the other hand, what the actual fuck? I am so confused at this point. What happened? How? Why? Did I miss something? But just a bit ago it was x? And now it is y? That definitely made my rating go down even more.

At times there were some errors in the text. Words missing or just sentences being a bit weird.

All in all, despite some things that weren’t working out for me, I am happy I read this book. Happy I found it. It had its good moments.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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