Review for Stumpkin

Review for Stumpkin

Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins, Picture Book, Pumpkin, Halloween, Children's Book, PumpkinA cute Ugly Duckling Pumpkin story! Perfect for Halloween.

It is almost time for Halloween/Spooktober and I am getting in the mood! So I thought what is better than a pumpkin book to get started! And this one sounded really fun!

In a city somewhere there is a little pumpkin stand with all sorts of pumpkins. Funny pumpkins, big pumpkins, tiny pumpkins… and stumpkin. I just LOVED LOVED the idea of a pumpkin stand just in the middle of the city. If I want pumpkins I will have to go to garden centres or hunt far and high for maybe someone who grew them and is selling them now. I would much rather go to the shopping part in my town and pick up a pumpkin. But we are losing track. Haha. Back to pumpkins in the book! I was so sad for Stumpkin. I mean, he is a fine fine pumpkin and I would have definitely bought him. I don’t need a stem for my pumpkins! You can still decorate him, or just put him outside as he is!

But as we see in the story it isn’t that easy. There are apparently not a lot of Mehsi’s in the world. We see that all his friends are leaving one by one and appearing in the houses surrounding the store. All decorated and carved. I loved the plan of the kitty that lives near the store! That was a great great idea, just sad how that one ended. I just didn’t get why no one would want him. He is perfect. Just like his tiny gourd friend on the left.

The ending was just the sweetest and made me smile so so much! That is just wonderful! I am so happy! I won’t tell you what happened, oh no, you will have to read the book yourself but I will guarantee it will make you happy!

The art was quite fun. Simple, but very fun!

All in all, a very fun book about a pumpkin who wants a home! Perfect for Halloween/Spooktober!

Star rating, 4 stars

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