Review for The Breakfast Club Adventures

Review for The Breakfast Club Adventures

The Breakfast Club Adventures by Marcus Rashford, Children's Book, Mystery, Soccer, Sports, Friendsdhip, Illustrations, Night, Light, Girls, Boys, OutsideFun, mysterious, and I had so much fun reading it that I just couldn’t stop! Great characters!

I thought it would be fun to write a review for this one. I read it in my vacation in August and had so much fun. I do hope that this author makes more books~ Also be warned, this may get a bit chaotic.

😍 Great start to the story, I was instantly curious to what had happened to Marcus’ ball and why he could only do soccer with that one.
😍 The story really got exciting with each page. OK, sure, there were some pages with less happening, but for most I was excited while reading and especially when that creature popped by or our club went on investigation. So much fun!
😍 Marcus and his reasons on why he was doing soccer + why he joined the club.
😍 The clubs! I wish we had clubs in school! Or well, more than what we had in high school. Namely some small things like newspaper or karate. I would have absolutely LOVED a baking club or a cooking club or a mystery club or a literature/reading club. Maybe that would have also gotten me through high school more safely and happily.
😍 Lise looked so COOL! Really wish I could go back in time to hand myself that picture and get the hairdresser to go for something less boyish and more WHOO.
😍 The ending! Loved that one~
😍 Loved seeing Marcus make new friends. While I liked his other friends, I don’t know, I liked the mystery club peeps just a bit more.
😍 The characters were so much fun. Not just Marcus or, as I said, Lise. But also Stacey and Asim. I loved that we learned a bit about each of the characters, not just Marcus.
😍 The illustrations! I just adore the style and I definitely will need to see if the illustrator illustrated other books! I hope so.
😍 I loved that one teacher that was always around at breakfast/the clubs and who even helped our club to get a clubhouse. I found that so sweet of him.

😶 I would have liked the culprit of the things was a bit harder than this. It was quite easily to deduce who it was/what it was.

But all in all, this was a really fun book, I could probably chat more about it, but I will keep it to the points I mentioned above. I would recommend it to all. I think this would be a fun book to read during October/Halloween. Mysterious beings + mystery!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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