Review for The Fear Zone

Review for The Fear Zone

Fear Zone, Fears, Clown, Horror, Young Adult, K.R. AlexanderAre you ready to face your biggest fears? You will have to in this spooky book!

So, I have been meaning to read this book for a bit, but wanted to wait until October. It was hard, not just because I wanted to read it, but also because that cover kept terrifying me. XD

I am so into each new book of the Horrorland (as it is called in Dutch) series. I look forward to them. I was so glad that this one came out around September as that meant I could read it for Spooktober!

We follow 5 kids in this book (well, 4 are the biggest characters and one is a bit to the side and I frankly didn’t give a hoot about her). It was at times a bit too much I have to be honest and at times I confused the boys with each other. I would be like, but wait wasn’t this x’s fear? Oh, we are reading from x’s POV, teehee. But I did like the kids (again for most, Caroline can just be eaten by the clown) and I found them fun to follow. I love how they went from two pairs of friends to all friends. All supporting each other. All trying to get this spooky thing solved!

I also love that you cannot escape. Yes, I am pretty sure that becasue

The fears of the kids were pretty interesting.. well for most. I mean, I wish they had picked another one for the boy who was afraid of sharks. If he was at a sea or somewhere near a big pile of water, sure. But this? Later on we saw that the clown was able to manipulate things, so I could understand that even the tiniest drops would be dangerous, but before we knew that? I was just giggling when he was terrified about that bath. Oh boy. But the fears of the others? Legit. One is afraid of ghosts (and then especially poltergeists), one is afraid of clowns (ah well yes heck yes), then we have someone afraid of snakes (and something else that broke my heart). And I don’t really care about Caroline. The fears were well written, or well, I should say, seeing the clown manipulate their fears. Making them very much real. Making it very scary. Making it so real that they actually felt like they could die.

Later on when they go back to the graveyard things got even scarier. I don’t want to give it all away, but holy heck. It takes a very brave person to get through things.

The clown was just terrifying. Given things I thought it would just be clowns in April’s POV, but instead.. we see the clown everywhere and BOY, as someone who is absolutely terrified of clowns this was just terrifying to read. I am surprised I didn’t get any nightmares after I finished it, because OH BOY so much creepy clown! Plus, the author wrote this one so well, that I could just imagine his creepy voice. BIG NOPE.

I found myself instantly hoping that Kyle and Andres would get together. You could see from both of their POVs that they were interesting in the other boy and I just adored it. And then later we also get Deshaun and April and I had two couples to cheer and root for.

Bonus points to the title. Or well, I love both the Dutch edition (that I read) and the English title. In Dutch the title is Ik kom je halen (I am coming to get you) which is just PERFECT for this book!

The only thing that this book could be without is Caroline. I know she has a sobstory but, as I have said many time, that doesn’t just magically excuse her behaviour.

All in all, I flew through this book, it was good! Scary and at times terrifying! Perfect for this month.

Star rating, 3 stars

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